Japan to Compete Against Spain, Argentina, and Finland in 2024 FIBA U17 Women’s World Cup

Japan is in the same group as Spain, Argentina, and Finland.

The Japan Basketball Association (JBA) has announced that the lineup for the 2024 FIBA ​​U17 Women’s World Cup, scheduled to be held in Mexico from July 13th, has been decided. Japan will be placed in the same group as Spain, Argentina, and Finland and will compete in the preliminary round.

Additionally, the 15 players who will participate in the first training camp, which will be held at the Ajinomoto National Training Center from April 15th, have also been announced.

The participants in the training camp and the tournament outline are as follows.

■2024 Japan Women’s Basketball U17 National Team
Members participating in the first training camp

[Players]*15 people
Yui Kiyotou (F/174cm/3 years at Elite Girls’ High School)
Reina Yamashita (C/180cm/3 years in Showa Gakuin High School)
Goto Otowa (SF/178cm/3rd year at Hamamatsu Kaiseikan High School)
Rui Makino (G/165cm/3rd year at Chiba University of Economics High School)
Yua Abe (F/175cm/3rd year at Seiwa Gakuen High School)
Mahiro Iwasaka (PF/176cm/Tsuchiura Nihon University High School 2nd year)
Yuki Takahashi (G/167cm/2nd year at Sapporo Yamanote High School)
Sakurai Yamada (PG/160cm/2nd year at Ohka Gakuen High School)
Mirai Miwa (C/177cm/2nd year at Osaka Kunuei Girls’ High School)
Ai Yamashita (F / 177cm / Yokkaichi Maryknoll Academy High School 2nd year)
Gokanan Suzuki (C/178cm/2nd year, Fukuoka University Wakaba High School)
Nanano Hamada (PG/160cm/2nd year at Ohka Gakuen High School)
Yuina Sugiura (F/172cm/2nd year Gifu Girls’ High School)
Anna Ishii (F/175cm/2nd year at Showa Gakuin High School)
Anhara Arisa (C/180cm/Japan Aviation High School Hokkaido 2nd year)

■General meeting summary

Tournament name: FIBA ​​U17 Women’s World Cup 2024
Schedule: July 13-21, 2024
Venue: Irapuato, Leon, Mexico
[Group A]Japan (9) Spain (4) Argentina (30) Finland (10)
[Group B]Italy (15) Mexico (34) Mali (12) New Zealand (31)
[Group C]Puerto Rico (22) Australia (5) America (1) Croatia (11)
[Group D]Chinese Taipei (28) Egypt (20) Canada (3) France (2)
*Figures in parentheses are FIBA ​​GIRLS rankings (Youth world rankings: as of December 1, 2023)

■Japan match schedule (game time to be determined)

July 13th Japan vs Finland
July 14th Japan vs Argentina
July 16th Japan vs Spain
July 17th Round of 16 (Quarterfinal advance deciding match)
July 19th Quarterfinals / Place deciding match
July 20th Semi-final/ranking match
July 21st Final/ranking match

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