Italy Begins Road to Paris 2024 at Kahraman Bagatir International Tournament

The time has come for the first international outdoor competition for the FITARCO Olympic National Team. The Azzurri are engaged from today, April 4, until Sunday 7, in Antalya, Turkey, in the event that traditionally kicks off the outdoor season in Europe: the 2024 Kahraman Bagatir International “Spring Arrows” Tournament, which features 92 archers in the men’s Olympic and 72 for the women’s.


Thus begins the path towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, for which Italy has currently obtained the individual women’s pass thanks to Chiara Rebagliati’s bronze at the European Games in Krakow 2023. The objective is to qualify both the team for the Olympics both men’s and women’s and this event in Turkey marks the first step towards this objective which can be achieved on the occasion of the European Championships in Essen (Ger), from 4 to 12 May and, subsequently, in the last qualifying tournament on the occasion of the third stage of the World Cup, which will also be held in Antalya, from 17 to 23 June. The last chance to gain passes is finally represented by the qualification of the trios through the World Ranking.


The Italian group in Turkey, followed by technicians Matteo Bisiani and Amedeo Tonelli, is made up of Matteo Borsani (Arcieri del Roccolo), Federico Musolesi and Mauro Nespoli of the Air Force and Alessandro Paoli of the Fiamme Azzurre. In the women’s field, the Fiamme Oro trio formed by Tatiana Andreoli, Lucilla Boari and Chiara Rebagliati, together with Roberta Di Francesco (Arcieri Abruzzesi).


The competition program for today includes the 72 arrows of ranking rounds that define the scoreboard of the direct clashes, tomorrow the individual preliminaries up to the semi-finals, and on Saturday the 6th the team and mixed team challenges. Sunday 7 April closing day with all the challenges that are worth the podium in the Olympic division.

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