The female Candidates join the chess party

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If in the fifth round the general complaint was the four draws of the female candidates, On Wednesday the teachers conspired to put on a show and not allow even a tie to be signed. In Toronto, for the first time in history the two tournaments are played together: the women’s and the absolute (in practice men’s). The boys have been on the dance floor for several days; They started out shy, but in the end they joined the party, infected by the spirit of the chess players. indiansauthentic animators of this edition of Candidates.

Two Chinese and two Russian women are playing for first place right now, a title that gives them the right to challenge the world champion, also the Chinese Ju Wenjun. Alexandra Goryachkina and Kateryna Lagno they chase Tan Zhongyiwhile Lei Tingjie He strives not to lose his wake. The four, perfectly staggered with half a point difference between them, won their respective games. They leave the defeated with little hope, although it is early to rule out any miracle.

The next round seems decisive in the head. Goryachkina has a golden opportunity, as she plays white against Tan Zhongyi. This duel between the first two can have two consequences, that the Chinese escape or that the classification narrows a little and increases the excitement before facing the second half of the tournament. There are eight rounds left to play and, in case of a tie, the final, on April 22, the winners of both tournaments will be resolved in quick tiebreaker games.

Alireza Firouzja lives another nightmare

In the open draw, the two victories of the day once again featured two Indian chess players. Among the grandmasters the equality is greater at the top, but in exchange there are two players completely out of line: Nijat Abasovwho could be expected to be the weakest, and Alireza Firouzja, which has two Candidates in a row crashing despite its status as favorite. The seal was stamped Magnus Carlsen on his forehead two years ago and it has only given him headaches.

Vidit Gugrathi, one of the winners of the sixth round, signs autographs for the fans.Michal WaluszaFIDE

The Frenchman born in Iran is already the second little fish that the six sharks chase with their teeth, as always happens when a participant starts bleeding. Firouzja’s chess has not been done well by his fashion studies, which he claims to take very seriously and which he has only temporarily put on hold to play Candidates. At the moment, he shines more for his shirts than for his results, which doesn’t hurt this sport in black and white either.

Many will be happy for He saw, who needed this victory more than the air he breathes. The oldest of the three Indians who play in Canada spread his carefully prepared nets and then left a penny-shaped bait that Alireza bit like a bream. At that moment, he refocused himself as only he is capable of doing and this time he did not let his prey escape.

Chess is something for children

The other victory of the male Candidates was achieved Praggnanandhaaan 18-year-old who doesn’t have Netflix or spend a single minute playing video games, and who would have sacrificed a finger to beat Abasov. He didn’t need it, because the Azer has seen his trust broken. It is very hard to face every day with beasts that come after you without regard. After sparing the life of Right on the previous day, Pragg He once again aspires to everything: he plays the most aggressive lines of the eight contenders and usually comes out on top in the exchanges of blows.

Your compatriot Gukeshthe only minor in the tournament, faced another chess player without fear, Hikaru Nakamura, who could make a living from chess without touching wood, because he earns more with his internet broadcasts. Yesterday he said that his path is not the world championship, although he is one of the toughest rivals in the tournament. Against the colder, the American defended well with black and was moderately satisfied with the result, which allows him to continue attempting the comeback.

The only disappointment of the day was the unsalted boards. Ian Nepomniachtchia leader who did not risk a single nail against Caruana, in theory his main enemy. The Russian played with the white pieces, but even more so with the calculator. He has won the last two Candidates and knows better than anyone when to accelerate, but his lack of courage is sometimes maddening.

Rankings after six games

Absolute candidates: Gukesh and Nepo are lders with 4 points, followed by Caruana and Pragg (3.5), with Vidit and Nakamura just behind (3), while Abasov and Firouzja already go with the tongue out (1.5).

Female candidates: Tan Zhongyi (4.5), Goryachkina (4), Lagno (3.5), Lei Tingjie (3), Salimova y Vaishali (2.5), Humpy Koneru y Muzychuk (2).

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