Mastering the Game of Badminton: A Comprehensive Guide to Rules and Strategies

Mastering the Game of Badminton: A Comprehensive Guide to Rules and Strategies

Download Badminton: power point presentation and more PDF slides on Sports Law and Economics only on Docsity! BADMINTON (historical notes, characteristics, game rules…) CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SPORTS DISCIPLINE: Badminton is a court sports game with the use of very light rackets, with which an object is exchanged on the fly, above a net light and balanced cone shape, the flywheel. • The objective is to win points by hitting the shuttlecock with your own racket to try to send it over the net and make it fall into the opponent’s court, preventing it from falling into your own court, or causing the opponent to make a mistake. • The matches can be played between two or four players, giving rise to matches of five specialties: -singles (men’s or women’s). -doubles (male, female or mixed) THE COURT THE COURT MEASURES 13.40 × 5.18 m; THE TWO HALVES OF THE COURT ARE SEPARATED BY A 1.55 m HIGH NET. THE PLAYING FIELD IS DELIMITED BY THE SIDE AND BOTTOM LINES, FOR SINGLES AND DOUBLES. THE LINES THAT DELIMIT THE SERVICE AREAS ARE TRACED IN THE TWO HALVES OF THE FIELD. GAME FULSES • IF THE SHUTTLEBALL IS CATCHED IN THE NET • IF THE SHUTTLEBALL IS HIT BY THE RECEIVER’S TEAM • IF THE SHUTTLEBALL HITS THE CEILING OR WALLS • YOU CANNOT TOUCH THE SHUTTLEBALL TWICE CONSECUTIVELY • YOU CANNOT TOUCH THE NET IN NO WAY • YOU CANNOT MAKE AN INVASION OF THE OPPONENT’S COURT NEITHER ABOVE OR UNDER THE NET THE MAIN RULES TO REMEMBER ARE: ● THE SERVICE MUST ALWAYS BE DONE DIAGONALLY AND IF IT IS NOT DONE IN THIS WAY, THE OPPONENT WINS THE POINT. ● IF YOU TOUCH THE NET DURING THE GAME AND THE TOUCH IS MADE WITH YOUR BODY OR RACKET, IT IS CONSIDERED A FOUL AND THE OPPONENT WINS THE POINT. ● IF THE SERVICE IS DONE IN WRONG WAY, IT IS AUTOMATICALLY FOUL AND POINT FOR THE OPPONENT

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