Interview with MVP Federico Zampini: From the Italian Cup Triumph to the Playoffs – A Journey of Success and Challenges

After the excellent performance in Lombardy, we at Victory Square we reached out by phone the point guard of Pallacanestro Forlì 2.015 Federico Zampini (cover photo by Massimo Nazzaro), MVP of the challenge against They livedto talk about the recent past, the present and the imminent future, which is synonymous with the playoffs.

Good morning Zampini. MVP of the Italian Cup, MVP on Sunday evening against Vigevano. Being able to be the best in the match seems to have become a good habit. Where does he want to go?

“At this point of the season I don’t think much about personal goals, but instead I think a lot about team goals, as is right. Going into the specifics of the question, both the team and myself want to get to the bottom of it.”.

Let’s go back a few months. Is there a particular moment of the season that marked that step of growth for you and that made you such a decisive player today?

“I think I can identify this step of growth between the end of the first round and the beginning of the second round when I put all the load and summer work done for the rehabilitation of my knee behind me and I started to reap the benefits of that hard work”.

Let’s go back to Sunday at Pala Elachem. From the outside it is not clear what happened to Allen, whether a fortuitous shot, forbidden or something else.

“From what I understood and what was then told to me, I believe he took a blow to the throat which caused him to go back on what he had drunk. Unfortunately it happens sometimes, but the blow was fortuitous.”.

You triumphed in the Italian Cup and closed the regular season top of the class. Now you can’t hide anymore. You are the hare and everyone will hunt you. What effect does this responsibility have on you?

“Well… as I have already had the opportunity to say in other interviews, in my opinion at the beginning the opponents underestimated us a little, while now they are right to fear us a little. Obviously we will have to be good at not being influenced by this thing here and at remaining humble by approaching each match with the right mentality.”.

To demonstrate how much the club believes in you and your possibilities, it has invested in the market, signing Daniele Magro, to strengthen the long-term department. How is his integration going and what does having a player with the characteristics of the former Cremona player change in your way of playing?

“Daniele immediately made himself available to the team and as an intelligent and highly experienced player he joined our group in the best possible way. Personally, I believe that his way of playing can help me a lot, also thanks to his experience in important teams and his experience, he will be able to help me in the pick and roll game and in general he will be able to help us with his readings both in attack and defense. ”.

Cinciarini recently declared to us that he gets excited the more the level of competitiveness increases. On the pitch you demonstrate great personality and also a certain coldness. Typical character of those who thrive on great challenges and hot environments. Do you feel like the captain in this respect?

“The captain has demonstrated and constantly demonstrates, day after day, what kind of player he is and that he cares and exalts himself in every single training match. From this point of view, yes, I feel very similar to him because we have the same competitive determination and I am like that too and I want to win even the most banal of matches in training. The hunger to always want to win is something that stimulates me and I have always appreciated in any player.”.

How is your relationship with the city of Forlì and who is Federico Zampini off the pitch?

“Right from the start I got on very well with both the club and the fans in general because Forlì is a big city that lives a lot on basketball and I really like this. Off the field Federico is a very calm boy who lives his life between some video games, some TV series and every now and then by mistake some books, like when I recently finished taking some exams. Here Federico is a boy like that”.

The playoffs are approaching and I ask you too who is the opponent you would like to avoid and the most dangerous player you have faced so far?

“Considering that Trapani we won’t be able to meet them because we are both first mathematically, I believe that the most insidious teams are Udine, which has a very long roster and, without a shadow of a doubt, Fortitudo, where the Fantinelli-Aradori couple knows this championship very well and even higher level championships and therefore when the going gets tough they will come out even more than they have done up to now. Basically I fear the teams in our group more. As for the player who impressed me the most, speaking of the same role, I would say Fantinelli.”.

We are closing and he has the opportunity to launch an appeal to Unieuro fans.

“The appeal I would like to make to the fans is to try together with us to finish in the best possible way all the beauty that we have started to build since August in preparation and if before, during the year, they may have had even the slightest doubt of not come to the arena, with the objectives we have achieved and the path we have taken, we hope to have encouraged them to come and support us for this final rush, perhaps constantly exceeding 4,000 spectators every match”.

Thanks to Pallacanestro Forlì 2.015 e Federico Zampini for their availability in carrying out this interview.

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