German National Team Set to Train in Thuringia – A Summer Fairy Tale in the Making

The German national team is coming to Thuringia!

DFB sports director Rudi Völler (64) presented the plans for the camp at the golf resort in Blankenhain (May 26-31) on Tuesday afternoon.

“We wanted to go to a region where we are not otherwise represented. In the east there are only the stadiums in Berlin and Leipzig where international matches can be played,” explains Völler. Now Thuringia’s football fans can look forward to their national team – with a public training session in Jena on May 27th (4:30 p.m.). 15,000 fans should be there.

Völler ennobles new master Wirtz

Ex-national player Bernd Schneider (50) has already been invited to the DFB camp in Blankenhain. He lives only 30 minutes away by car in his hometown of Jena. Völler: “He will be here for a day. After all, he is the only white Brazilian we have had to date. Now there is Florian Wirtz..!”

From Thomas for GerdEmotional Müller video in front of the stadium

Those: Instagram @esmuellert16.04.2024

Völler praises his new German champions from Bayer Leverkusen, who will be writing a new summer fairy tale with the DFB team this summer. And he reveals how close winning the title last Sunday really felt to him and his family: “We were sitting in the stands, tears were already streaming down for me, my wife and also my son.”

And his youngest son Bryan was at the forefront of the championship storm: “He grew up in Leverkusen and carries the Bayer Cross in his heart. “He stood in a corner with his friends in their jerseys and hopefully they didn’t storm onto the pitch until the final whistle,” explains Völler with a laugh.

Parts of the hybrid turf or the goal net did not appear at Völler’s house…

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