FC Bayern: Eleven things that still existed the last time Munich were not champions

Bayer Leverkusen review of 2012

Eleven things that still existed the last time Bayern were not champions

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Bayer Leverkusen is celebrating, FC Bayern is in trouble. An unusual picture, a turning point for football Germany. When Munich last came away empty-handed in the league, the world was a different place – including for the Werkself in Leverkusen.

Many people have special memories associated with drastic events. Many still remember what they did when the Wall came down on November 9, 1989. Or when aircraft were piloted into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC during the terrorist attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001. They are historical turning points that have an impact. The replacement of FC Bayern as German series champions can now confidently be seen as a sporting turning point. After eleven championship titles in a row, the new championship team is called Bayer and comes from Leverkusen.

Do you remember what happened the year the Munich team failed to win the championship for the last time? That was in 2012, Jürgen Klopp celebrated his second title in a row with Dortmund. We’ll give you a little help to make your memories come back to life.

It was the time when Barack Obama was still shaping world events as the 44th President of the USA. At the beginning of November he triumphed a second time, defeating Mitt Romney with 51.1 percent of the votes cast. With Obama, Joe Biden also pulled the strings in the background for a second time, then still as Vice President of the USA.

Germany had to do without Netflix

We ourselves still had Christian Wulff as Federal President. He resigned in mid-February after a credit and media affair and handed over the office to Joachim Gauck on March 18th.

In Germany the practice fee still had to be paid that year. An additional payment of ten euros was due per quarter if a legally insured person visited a doctor, dentist or psychotherapist. It was only from January 1, 2013 that the additional payment was no longer required.

What didn’t exist back then was Netflix. The American streaming channel expanded into Europe that year, but initially avoided Germany. Only Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia benefited in 2012, followed by the Netherlands in 2013. We in Germany were only able to tune in in September 2014 – and finally watch the big hit series “House of Cards”.

The beer at the Oktoberfest for less than ten euros

There was something to be heard, the rock band Toten Hosen had their biggest hit with “Tage wie die”. In terms of sport, the end of Michael Schumacher’s contract at Mercedes caused an emotional moment; the Formula 1 icon retired as a driver. Looking at the new champions this season, it should be noted that things didn’t go well back then. Leverkusen’s coach Robin Dutt was fired at the beginning of April, and the separation followed after five competitive defeats in a row and a 2-0 defeat against Dutt’s former club Freiburg. In 2012, Leverkusen’s offensive star Florian Wirtz celebrated his ninth birthday on May 3rd and dreamed of one day being a national player.

Back then, in Germany you could still take out a cell phone contract with E-Plus, once Germany’s third-largest mobile phone provider, and until the summer you could also buy your shampoo from the drugstore giant Schlecker. On June 27th, the bankrupt group finally came to an end and all branches closed.

At Oktoberfest 2012, opened with two punches by Munich’s mayor Christian Ude (SPD), the mass cost between 9.10 and 9.50 euros. The “Shocker” ghost train had new scary rooms such as a bedroom with exorcist flair or a horror bathroom and 106 oxen were eaten. At the last Oktoberfest, the beer cost between 12.60 and 14.90 euros, 800,000 liters more beer were drunk than in 2012 and the number of oxen and chicken consumed, as an indicator of the visitors’ appetite, was no longer listed in the press report. They said they no longer wanted to count dead animals.

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The following year the fun in the Bundesliga was over and Bayern took over the reins again for a long time. On April 6, 2013, it was the 28th matchday, their hegemony began. They finished the season with a 25-point lead. No team before or since had such a big lead over second place, BVB at the time.

The dethroned champion coach Klopp congratulated fairly: “It was quite difficult for us to get 81 points last year – it seems to be quite easy for Bayern this year.” In the direction of the former coach Jupp Heynckes, he said: “Jupp, special congratulations to you! You are an exceptional colleague, a great trainer. All the best – great season!”


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