D Spectator Tour: Watch Japanese Athletes in American Baseball Game Los Angeles Tour

Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Momokida) is scheduled to depart from Kansai Airport on July 18, 2024, and is popular among Japanese baseball fans, “American Baseball Game Los Angeles.” We would like to inform you that we have decided to release “D Spectator Tour”.

This project wants to support Japanese athletes who are active in America! Many customers who were unfortunately unable to watch the opening game held in South Korea in March of this year expressed their desire to come and watch baseball at Dodger Stadium in America, the home of baseball! In response to your feedback, we decided to create the tour.

This tour, which will be held for 6 days from July 18th (Thursday) to July 23rd (Tuesday), 2024, will be held during the season between Los Angeles D and Boston R, two of the world’s best American baseball leagues. This is a valuable tour where you can watch 2 of the 3 consecutive games that will be played against each other. You can also watch the remaining match on the optional tour.

A tour conductor from Japan will accompany you on the tour, and a guide who is familiar with the local situation will follow you during your stay. Additionally, a private car will be used for transportation between the airport and the hotel, and a Dodger Stadium shuttle bus will be used for transportation between the hotel and the stadium, so even those who are not used to traveling overseas can participate with confidence.

Our company will continue to contribute to the promotion of sports tourism by creating tours to support and watch Japanese athletes, who are expected to play an increasingly active role.

▼Click here for tour details.

2024-04-22 02:03:43
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