Colombian Women’s National Team Continues Strong Performance, Looks Ahead to Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The good news continues for the Colombian women’s national team. After having beaten Mexico 1-0 last Saturday, April 6, with a goal from Catalina Usme, the ‘tricolor’ saw action again this Tuesday, April 9. The rival on duty was Guatemala, beating them 3-0. The scores were from Wendy Bonilla, Mayra Ramírez and ‘Cata’ Usme, confirming the good level of the ‘coffee’ team.

In order to give several players a chance to start, technical director Angelo Marsiglia gave the opportunity to those who had not started in the previous match. Thus, he formed with Natalia Giraldo; Daniela Caracas, Kelly Caicedo, Ángela Barón, Fabiana Yanten; Liana Salazar, Gabriela Huertas, María Camila Reyes; Wendy Bonilla, Lady Andrade and Yisela Cuesta. Various changes.

The first half didn’t have so many emotions. In fact, few arrivals were recorded in the respective areas. Reason why the scoreboard did not open. And everything was saved for the complementary part. When the final 45 minutes had just begun, Wendy Bonilla was present, opening the scoring. With a partial 1-0 lead, Guatemala looked for a tie.

This is how, at minute 65, after a good collective action, a penalty was awarded in favor of ‘la bicolor’. As if that were not enough, the Colombian women’s team was left with 10, since they knocked down the rival and were the last soccer player before the goalkeeper. The panorama was complicated. However, goalkeeper Natalia Giraldo became a giant and stopped the charge from the white spot. Everything continued 1-0.

Game action of the Colombian Women’s National Team vs. Guatemala, in the United States

Colombian Football Federation

And the second bucket of cold water arrived for Guatemala. Coach Angelo Marsiglia sent several of the usual starters to the field and, precisely, one of them increased the difference. Mayra Ramírez invented a great play on the right wing and finished it perfectly. A defender, in her eagerness to get the ball, ended up pushing it and it was 2-0, but there was more to go.

When the curtain was about to go down on the game, the one that can never be missing appeared. Catalina Usme reported with a good score and sealed the final 3-0. Good presentation, another victory and more than positive feelings for what is to come. Let us remember that the great objective of the Colombian women’s national team, in 2024, is the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Starting players of the Colombian women’s national team in the preparatory match against Guatemala

Colombian Football Federation

What is the group of the Colombian women’s national team in the Olympic Games?

After the draw, the ‘tricolor’ was in group A, along with France, New Zealand and Canada. Their debut at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be on July 25 against the Europeans; On the second day, the rival on duty will be the New Zealanders, on July 28. Finally, it will be against the Canadians, on July 31, where they will seek the desired classification in this event.

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