Sané decisive, Saliba is expensive… The tops and the flops


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Faced with the Bavarian counterattacks of Leroy Sané, William Saliba was not at the party. Action Plus / Panoramic / Shaun Brooks / SPP / Panoramic / Will Palmer / SPP / ATP Images

TOPS/FLOPS – Sané Brille, Saliba falters, Laimer elsewhere… Find out what caught the attention of the editorial staff during the draw this Tuesday between the Gunners and Bayern (2-2).


Bukayo Saka, omnipresent menace

From the first minutes of the match, he was able to create panic in the Bayern defense. He received the yellow card from Alphonso Davies in the 9th minute, which destabilized the entire Bavarian left flank and allowed him to open the scoring with a delicious and delicate strike (12th). Most of Arsenal’s attacks went through his side. More discreet in the second period like his team, he could have obtained a penalty at the last minute.

Leroy Sané, the Bavarian oxygen

How many times has he successfully restarted from his camp? When Bayern suffered, it was their ball-catching that allowed them to escape English pressure. It is he, on Gnabry’s equalizer, who recovers the ball. It was his rush which led to Harry Kane’s penalty which allowed Bayern to lead. Despite a few missed passes, his offensive efficiency was the main reason for Bayern’s draw.


Konrad Laimer, elsewhere

Defensively, he helped to lock down Arsenal’s game but was not flawless on the first goal. He missed his clearances, his shot and was unable to show himself in offensive transitions. Faced with the performance of his midfield teammate Leon Goretzka, more incisive, the Austrian made a poor copy.

William Saliba, a costly mistake

While his pivot partner Gabriel mainly took care of Harry Kane, the French defender had a lot of trouble facing the numerous opposing counterattacks. The speed of Gnabry and Sané is not easy to defend, but the Gunners have never been calm in these phases of play. In addition, he unbalances Leroy Sané in his area, an avoidable fault which allowed Bayern to lead in the match and continue his defensive game plan.


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