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Bayern agree: In the strangest scene of the game at Arsenal, they should have received a penalty. The case touches on a fundamental question.

April 10, 2024, 12:08 p.m

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The controversy surrounding a strange scene during the Champions League game between Arsenal and Bayern Munich is causing a stir. Arsenal keeper David Raya picked up the ball in his hand in the 67th minute and placed it again in the six-yard box. According to the rules, this should have resulted in a penalty. While Joshua Kimmich and Harry Kane share this view, referee Glenn Nyberg described the incident as a “child’s mistake” and referred to his own judgment rather than the rule book. Thomas Tuchel, Bayern coach, criticized this approach. Nyberg defended himself as Arsenal had not gained any advantage through this action. Lutz Wagner, DFB teaching supervisor and referee expert, praised Nyberg’s decision in the spirit of the game.

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Note Arsenal’s Gabriel actually took the ball in his hands. © Matthew Childs/​Reuters

Joshua Kimmich was sure. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said on Amazon Prime after the game. For him it was a clear penalty. His colleague Harry Kane called the scene “crazy” and for him it was “the clearest penalty I’ve ever seen.” Coach Thomas Tuchel initially spoke on the pay-TV channel after the 2-2 draw at Arsenal FC not about his team’s ability to suffer, but above all about this scene.

What happened? In the 67th minute, Arsenal keeper David Raya took a short goal kick, which he played across to Gabriel, who was waiting at the side of the six-yard box. But he didn’t continue playing, but picked up the ball with his left hand, placed it again in the six-yard box and took the goal kick a second time.


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