Rising Star: The Sensational Success of Armenian Midfielder Eduard Spertsyan

Do you already know Eduard Spertsyan? The chances are not even that great, although he is a real sensation both in Russia and in his own country Armenia. Week after week he achieves good results, which is why his market value is there. It currently stands at no less than eighteen million euros.

Eduard Spertsyan is a 23-year-old Armenian attacking midfielder, who is also an important player for his country. The playmaker has been playing for the Russian Krasnodar for years and went through the series from the U17 to the first team.

This season he has already played 21 games in the Russian league. The Armenian international has already scored nine goals and provided six assists. He makes a big impression in his country that way.

In recent years he has seen his market value rise exponentially. In 2022 it was six million, at the beginning of last year it was already twelve million and since the end of 2023 we have already reached an amount of no less than eighteen million euros.

Various clubs wanted to sign him for the past mercatoes. Ajax Amsterdam was one of the teams that was concrete, but they ultimately did not allow the transfer to go ahead due to the difficult situation given the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Goalgetter with many letters of nobility

The Scottish media reported interest from Celtic Glasgow, but other Scottish journalists contradict this. They do make it clear that a Belgian team does have a concrete interest in Eduard Spertsyan.

That is certainly not illogical, because Eduard Spertsyan is a man who impresses throughout the competition. He can dribble, is goal-oriented – his statistics don’t lie – and has a great kicking technique. He is also a specialist in free kicks.

It makes Eduard Spertsyan an asset to all teams in the Jupiler Pro League, although with a market value of eighteen million euros, the main question is which team will be willing or able to sign him.

In the past, there were already Belgian teams – think of Antwerp, which currently borrows Ejuke from CSKA Moscow – that did business with Russian teams. Whether The Great Old is currently wealthy enough to acquire the game maker is another matter.

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