Austria to Host Davis Cup Duel Against Turkey in Bad Waltersdorf


The duel in the Tennis Davis Cup between Austria and Turkey on September 13th and 14th will take place in Bad Waltersdorf. This means that the Davis Cup will be back in Styria for the first time since 2020.

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Austria defeated Ireland 4-0 in February and managed to return to World Group I. Red-White-Red is the clear favorite against Turkey, as Turkey does not have a player in the top 300 in the world rankings – Austria, on the other hand, has six athletes in the top 217. First discussions between Melzer and the top players Dominic Thiem and Sebastian Ofner regarding one It is said that the start of the elections went well.

The winner of the duel will then advance to the 2025 qualifying round, where a place in the Davis Cup finals will be played; The loser, however, has to assert himself in the World Group I play-off.

Melzer: “A great system with all the possibilities”

The decision in favor of Bad Waltersdorf was also made because of the surface – according to sports director and team captain Jürgen Melzer, the players wanted to play on clay outdoors: “I think it’s a great facility where we will have every opportunity to be a top player -Davis Cup event. In Bad Waltersdorf they try extremely hard to offer us something great there.”

Challenger tournament following the Davis Cup

The day after the Davis Cup, the second edition of the ATP 125 Challenger tournament, which was held for the first time last year, starts in Bad Waltersdorf. Back then, a local hero, Dennis Novak, reached the final – more on this in Novak gives away the home final (, September 25, 2023).

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