High Stakes Showdown: Villa Miter vs Bahiense del Norte in Primera Basketball Tournament

In the final stretch of the Primera basketball tournament, the day has arrived when the leader and his guard face each other in the outgoing match on date 20.

It will be one of the six matches that will animate a day – starting at 9 p.m. – in which logically the interest will also be to glimpse who will be the eighth classified in the quarterfinals, with three dates to meet.

The leading Villa Miter will visit Bahiense del Norte (2nd) at the Manu Ginóbili, where the referees will be Marjorie Stuardo, Alejandro Viscaíno and Joaquín Irrazábal.



What remains for each team to play.

The news during the visit will be the loss of point guard Fernando Alfonso, who suffered a torn external ligament in one knee. It joins that of Alejo Blanco.

As Villa Miter played last night in Junín for the Argentine League, coach Sebastián Acosta will decide who will accompany Nicolás Renzi, Fausto Depaoli, Joaquín Margiotta, Valentín Ruibal and Juan Ignacio Tiza on the field today.

Bahiense will not have Juan Pedro Hollender again (sprained ankle) and today the loss of Tomás Bonivardo (cut on an eyelid) is added.

The first leg was won by the team led by Sebastián Acosta, 74-70 on matchday 9.


Leandro N. Alem and Olimpo have a very attractive match at the Daniel Lacunza stadium, where both arrive on winning streaks.

Alem comes from two consecutive victories, one at home and the other away. In the case of the aurinegro, he also with a sprint of two successes that last week put him in the playoffs for the championship with resounding success against Villa Mitre.

The locals will be without Patricio Zapata, who suffered a knee injury in the match against Estudiantes.

The referees Emanuel Sánchez, Juan Jaramillo and Marcelo Gordillo direct.

In the first leg, Olimpo won 89-88.


After starring in one of the surprises of matchday 19 against the guard, Pueyrredón arrives with a clean sweep at Vicente Palermo to receive Bahiense del Norte.

This match will be refereed by Néstor Schernenco, Mariano Enrique and Alberto Arlenghi.

Estrella won the match played at the Luis Álvarez stadium, 58-55.

The visit will not feature Nahuel Cámara, who is recovering from a meniscus (knee) injury suffered against San Lorenzo two dates ago.

San Lorenzo-Students

One of the important duels in the fight for 8th place will be hosted by San Lorenzo del Sud and Estudiantes, at the Román Avecilla.

The referees Alejandro Ramallo, Eduardo Ferreyra and Mauro Guallán direct there.

Both arrive with streaks of 2 falls, although Albo has the advantage of having won the game at home by 84-80.

“Sanlo” today recovers an important player in its structure with the return of Fernando Peñalver, who was coming back from an ankle injury.

On the other hand, Albo will present two absences: Jerónimo Mitoire (suspended) and Matías Couselo (ankle injury).

July 9-Pacific

Second chapter of this classic in which “Nueve” arrives renewed after ending the streak of four defeats last date, while Pacífico fell into a spiral of setbacks that now total three.

The referees Horacio Sedán, Lucas Andrés and Ariel Di Marco direct.

In the first leg the Green team was successful 88-85.

Both arrive without news.


The classic on Alem Avenue in its second chapter, with different presents for Napostá and Liniers.

At the Antonio Palma, Sebastián Giannino, Sebastián Arcas and Juan Cruz Schernenco will referee.

Bruno Pallotti remains inactive at the premises, undergoing treatment to recover his injured knee. He could return in the near future.

Chivo is going through a great present because it won the last five games (2 away) and is in the championship playoffs.

On the one hand, today he recovers Julián Marinsalta after being out for a few games due to travel. On the other hand, Alejo Agulló will not have minutes.

Napostá is last but last time it gave the mark by beating Estrella as a visitor (62-54).

“Napo” won the first leg 82-80.


This is the table:

1st) Villa Miter (17-2), 36

2nd) Bahiense (14-5), 33

3º) LN Alem (July 12), 31

4th) Star (11-8), 30

5º) Liniers (10-9), 29

5th) Pacific (10-9), 29

5th) Olympus (10-9), 29

8th) Students (6-13), 25

8th) San Lorenzo (6-13), 25

10º) Pueyrredón (6-13), 2510º) July 9 (6-13), 2510º) Napostá (6-13), 25Qualified for championship playoffs.  
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