Aston Martin Team Boss Claims Team is Back in the Front Group

Team boss Mike Krack claims Aston Martin is back in the front group of teams.

While at the start of the season in Bahrain, the drivers of the Aston Martin team took ninth and tenth place, with the fact that they had a big loss to the rivals in front of them, but at the same time a lead over their pursuers, in the next races the green single-seaters showed better form.

Especially the one in which Fernando Alonso sits, who subsequently finished fifth in Saudi Arabia, sixth in Australia (although he subsequently crashed due to a time penalty) and sixth in Japan.

According to team boss Mike Krack, this is a confirmation that the team from Silverstone is no longer in the so-called no-man’s land and that it is fully moving among the top five teams.

“I think we can agree on that, which is positive. Looks like we’re back in the front group. We were ahead of Mercedes, so it’s very encouraging,” said Krack, quoted by Autosport.

“Even though it is easier to overtake in Bahrain (compared to Suzuka, editor’s note), we were never under pressure here (from Mercedes). We’ll see if it will be confirmed in other races,” the Luxembourger does not want to make hasty conclusions.

Krack also claims it paid off for Aston Martin to have Fernando Alonso start on the soft set of tyres.

“We prayed for the clouds to come. And they came! The interruption of the race also helped us,” said Krack, who does not yet want to evaluate the package with improvements, which Aston Martin used for the first time in Suzuka.

“We are currently investigating everything and trying to understand and quantify it. We only have one sample of data. Cars are complex and sometimes you need a little more time to really understand what has changed,” explained Krack.


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