Laura Siegemund Prepares to Lead Porsche Team Germany against Brazil: An Interview from São Paulo

Laura Siegemund wants to compete with Porsche Team Germany away in Brazil on April 12th and 13th. The 36-year-old can be extremely important thanks to her qualities in singles and doubles. In the DTB interview she gives insights into the week so far in São Paulo.

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Laura Siegemund training before the Billie Jean King Cup

Laura, you have been in São Paulo since last Sunday. How have the days been so far?

“When we get together as a team, things always become harmonious very quickly – we have a great team in which everyone is keen to spend the week together. There’s no need to get used to it.”

What are the preparations like on the pitch?

“We worked with concentration from the first training session. Regardless of the constellation, these are always good units. You had to get used to the conditions here because the place really wasn’t good at the beginning. But things have gotten better now.”

There are four players at the weekend who were also on the team in the home win against Brazil in 2023. Is that an advantage for you?

“Of course it’s good to already have the positive experience of being able to beat Brazil with this team. But it always starts from scratch and a difficult task awaits us here again away from home. We can’t rest on last year’s laurels, we have to be back to full strength.”

Especially because the fans won’t be on your side this time either.

“Exactly! Now the Brazilians have the home advantage. We have to expect that 10,000 spectators will applaud your double mistake. It will be a mental challenge for us, but we will be prepared for it.”

When was the last time you played in such an atmosphere?

“I know the Brazilian fans, I have seen them at tournaments on the tour in the past. They’re just a tough crowd, sometimes bordering on unsportsmanlike.”

No other competition makes it so important that you are an experienced singles and doubles player. What does this mean for your role in Porsche Team Germany?

“Sure, I can be used in many different ways. Especially in doubles, I am expected to lead the game. I’m also ready for a possible singles event. But in the end, the coaches decide who plays on the weekend.”

This is your ninth time. Are there any special moments that remain in your memory?

“Of course there are good memories. This definitely includes the home win against Brazil or staying in the league against Croatia in 2022. But when I think about the Billie Jean King Cup, what comes to mind is the special atmosphere in our team that we have throughout the week. Because it’s just fun to be on this team. It’s a cool change from everyday tour life.”

How is the difference from the tour noticeable?

“You have to adapt, which is not a bad thing. I usually travel with a very small team and often only with my trainer. Everything is tailored to you. In team competitions you have to be more flexible, but you are also much more involved. As a team we go out to eat together and get other ideas. I find that very refreshing.”

Another big highlight is coming up this year with the Olympic Games in Paris, where you will be playing for Germany. Is that also a goal for you to be there again?

“I haven’t thought much about the Olympic Games yet and am concentrating more on the next tournaments. Of course I assume that I am qualified in doubles. But you can’t say that for sure at this point.”

You would be there for the third time.

“Yes, that is very special for me. Especially because I had knee surgery straight after the last Olympic Games in Tokyo. After leaving, I knew that I wouldn’t be playing tennis for a long time and the 2024 Olympics seemed very far away. The fact that I can take part three years later in both singles and doubles is very special for me!”

Thanks for the conversation and good luck against Brazil.

The Billie Jean King Cup match between Germany and Brazil will take place on April 12th and 13th, 2024 in São Paulo. The game is played on clay in the Arena Ginásio Ibirapuera. The winning team will qualify for the finals, which will take place again in Seville in November. The losing team has to fight in the play-offs to stay in the world group.

The matches start on Friday at 11:30 p.m. German time. Saturday the game starts at 8:00 p.m. (German time). The matches will be broadcast live on Tennis Channel.

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