Latvian Basketball Star Andris Biedriņš Supports “Žalgiris” on Green Thursday

However, another Latvian became one of the success talismans of “Žalgiris” on Green Thursday – basketball player Andris Biedriņš, who had come to Kaunas in person and watched the game in the ranks of VIP guests together with Lithuanian sports and music stars. Biedriņš had chosen green clothing, warming the heart of every “Žalgiris” fan. Green and white are the colors of this club, so wearing green clothing or accessories during the game means clear support for the team. The fact that “Žalgiris” is dear to Biedriņas is also confirmed by the fact that this is the second time in recent years that the Latvian basketball star is watching a Euroleague game in the ranks of VIP guests in Kaunas. The last time Biedriņš was seen in Kaunas was during the last season, watching the match between “Žalgiris” and “Anadolu Efes” from Istanbul. At that time, Biedriņš had chosen dark blue clothing, and this game was not successful for the “Žalgiris” club.


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