«I have to be intelligent…» Here’s how much it costs to redeem him (between price tag and salary)

Ride Romelu Lukaku. He laughs because they asked him about the ransom and he preferred to give a formal answer. The one he didn’t want to say but had to in order to keep Chelsea, the Roma fans and Dan calm Friedkin: «You know well the controversies that have taken place in England. I have to be intelligent…” she said. Last year, when he was an Inter player, in an interview given on New Year’s Eve he clearly said: “I hope to stay.” Then the Nerazzurri began to negotiate with the English on the basis of a 25 million ransom. Insufficient money, because at the time the cost of the price tag was set at 40. Furthermore, they should have guaranteed the Belgian a contract worth 12 million per season for 4/5 years. In short, a 100 million operation. Too many and so Marotta tried to get another year out of his loan. Chelsea did not agree and tried until the last minute to place him, but no club, including Juventus, reached the checkers.

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