De’Aaron Fox Doesn’t Care About Sending Messages: A Look at His Post-Defeat Press Conference

After a defeat, you should generally not tease an athlete too much. As often this season, the leader of the Sacramento Kings De’Aaron Fox took responsibility after a setback. Indeed, last night, the Californians lost to the Dallas Mavericks (96-132).

A large, frustrating setback for the Kings, who lost an important match in the race for direct qualification in the Playoffs. And at the press conference, Fox therefore represented his team. A good opportunity for him to send a message to his partners? No way !

And he sent a cash response to this question.

“Sending messages while talking to you? I really don’t give a damn! I get absolutely nothing out of it. They (the Kings, editor’s note) ask me to come here, I do. Does it matter to my teammates? They don’t care if I come here to talk to you or not.

I can guarantee it to you. I was asked to come, so I’m doing it. I have no pleasure in doing it, after a victory or a defeat. My team doesn’t care if I come here, whether it’s after a big success or a big setback.

So it’s just like that.” dropped De’Aaron Fox laughing.

We know that some NBA players love this media exercise. And use it regularly to send messages. We can obviously think, for example, of LeBron James. But for De’Aaron Fox, it’s mostly a chore without the slightest interest.

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2024-03-27 19:23:25
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