Judo Olympic Qualification Update: Italy’s Team Taking Shape for Paris 2024

Judo’s two-year Olympic qualification period for Paris 2024 will effectively end (even if the official ranking deadline is set for 23 June) on the occasion of the World Championships in Abu Dhabi, scheduled for 19 to 24 May. On the calendar, not considering the various Continental Opens (minor tournaments that award a maximum of 100 points), 3 Grand Slams, the Continental Championships and the world championship remain available for the athletes.

There are still a lot of points up for grabs and a lot could change between now and mid-June, but at this point the situation in Italy is starting to take shape also based on the choices already made official by the technical management, which has officially selected the following 8 athletes for the Olympics: Assunta Scutto in the 48 kg, Odette Giuffrida in the 52 kg, Veronica Toniolo in the 57 kg, Alice Bellandi in the 78 kg, Asya Tavano in the +78 kg, Manuel Lombardo in the 73 kg, Antonio Esposito in the 81 kg and Christian Parlati in the 90 kg.

Not everyone has already acquired the arithmetic certainty of remaining in the direct qualification zone, but in this sense there should be no problems. More complicated discussion for the others, currently in the balance and fully in the running to secure the Olympic ticket for Paris 2024. At the moment the Bel Paese would also be virtually qualified in the -66 kg category with Matteo Piras or Elios Manzi (only one of the two will be able to be called up), but both will have to grind out points in the next events to keep the pass.

Judo, 17 Italians registered for the Antalya Grand Slam: Scutto and Giuffrida the stars of the Italian expedition

To date the tenth and final slot would be won in the -100 kg by Gennaro Pirelli thanks to the repechage via continental quota, but the Neapolitan has what it takes to get back on top and fly to France from the main door (the last direct qualifier is only 252 points away). The winner of the Tokyo 2022 Grand Slam, in doing so, would free up the European Olympic card, possibly making it available for Italians in other categories.

Virtually the first on the waiting list for that place would be Irene Pedrotti and Martina Esposito in the -70 kg (over 500 points away from the direct qualification zone), with to follow Flavia Favorini and the very young one Savita Russo in the -63 kg category (both now almost cut off from the race for the pass via global category ranking). There is little chance of repechage in the men’s field for Andrea Carlino and Angelo Pantano in the -60 kg categorywho however have the possibility of attacking the Egyptian Youssry Sami (advantaged by the probable 700 points up for grabs in the African Championships) for the last direct pass available. Paris 2024 instead faded to 99% in the +100 kg.

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