Thomas Tuchel: He overestimated himself and Bayern

Perhaps Thomas Tuchel’s first mistake as Bayern coach was that he even took the job. The initial shock of falling in love with his team quickly faded, and in the end he spoke of them as distant as he did before the divorce judge. Apparently he misjudged his players and the whole situation before the start in Munich.

The many titles in the Bundesliga are deceptive; FC Bayern has had its problems for years. So he buys expensively but with no concept. The defenders are just good, but not very good. Stars like Sadio Mané and Lucas Hernández felt alienated. And that Joshua Kimmich doesn’t have one holding six Tuchel could have known beforehand, i.e. a defensive midfielder who protects the defense from counterattacks. One of the core competencies of a coach is to correctly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a squad and to carefully weigh up the risks of a new job.


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