The Port of Gijón puts into operation a new access control system |

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The Port Authority of Gijón (Spain) has put into operation an innovative system aimed at optimizing the management of entries and exits in the areas of the Asturian complex. The initiative seeks to reinforce security and protection measures for port infrastructure, guaranteeing compliance with current regulations.

In fact, the Gijón enclave has created a specialized website to facilitate the access request process, thus allowing efficient and direct management by users and visitors. Among other things, the modernization includes the complete renewal of the equipment and devices that make up the access control scheme, as well as the integration of new software designed to more effectively manage said systems.

The objectives of this technological update include guaranteeing optimal functioning of access controls, promoting fast and safe passage for vehicles, ensuring effective management of entrances, providing flexibility according to the required security levels and simplifying operations at the points. of control. In addition, the aim is to improve the registration of people and achieve a more reliable and solid system, both in the physical aspect (hardware) and in the programmatic aspect (software).

There is no doubt that the initiative will completely improve the functioning of the enclave. Especially if it is taken into account that the Port of Gijón has registered a notable increase in the movement of goods, reaching a total of 17.5 million tons between January and November 2023, which represents an increase of 2.5 % compared to the same period of the previous year.

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