The Artful History of Fluminense: A Preview of the Fluminense FC Museum

The Fluminense FC Museum will be inaugurated next Monday (26/02), in an exclusive event for guests and the press, and open to the public the following day, Tuesday (27/02). The space, completely renovated, houses the Conmebol Libertadores cup and brings new experiences to fans who go to the Laranjeiras headquarters to learn about the tricolor’s history up close.

“The Museum is another step we are taking in recovering the traditions and values ​​of Fluminense. It was designed with a refined artistic vision. We opted for the classic exhibition technique, as opposed to the use of LEDs and other devices that are currently used. Fluminense has always valued art. And we honor this tradition”, said the president of Fluminense, Mário Bittencourt.

Unlike any other club museum in the world, at the Fluminense FC Museum, history is not displayed in a linear way. It is a creation in chapters, where each room tells a story as if in a theatrical act.

The artistic concept is in every detail. There is Maria Betânia reciting the poem “O Campo”, by João Cabral de Melo Neto, and Chico Buarque with the song “Bom Tempo”, which is printed and heard at the end of the visit, as well as another text of his, from the song “O Soccer”. There are also fragments by Vinícius de Moraes, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Adélia Prado and Manoel de Barros. The design and creation of every detail was the responsibility of theater director and multimedia artist Bia Lessa.

“Telling the history of Fluminense means telling a story through documents, emotion, poetry, music, achievements, Xerém. To tell this story, many elements are needed. And we tried in this Museum, small from the point of from a spatial perspective, but immense from a content point of view, narrating with emotion the importance of the club, the fans and the entire team that is part of the institution. Today, I also feel part of Fluminense”, stated Bia Lessa.

One of the rooms is dedicated exclusively to Tricolor’s biggest title: CONMEBOL Libertadores champion. In addition to the cup, historical items and a behind-the-scenes video of the achievement are displayed in the space.

To execute the work, Bia counted on important names from the artistic world. Paulo Pederneiras (artistic director and founder of Grupo Corpo) lights the light in the Trophy Room, where the listed architecture of the Laranjeiras building and its stained glass windows were respected. And sound designer and soundtrack producer Dany Roland is responsible for the musical part.

The construction of the Fluminense FC Museum was financed with resources from the State Culture Incentive Law, sponsored by TIM.

You at the Fluminense FC Museum

One of the eight themed environments is dedicated to Tricolor idols and their passionate fans. In this room, the walls are covered with around 14 thousand photos of fans in 7 cm x 7 cm format, printed in a special way. To have their photo on the wall in this space, fans must pay a fee that varies according to location. The minimum period for photos to remain is two years – and the first to arrive will have preference for renewal.

Fans can upload their own photos, photos of their parents, children or friends they want to pay tribute to. Only one person per photo is allowed and all will be approved in advance by the team of curators.

The sale of spaces will soon reopen so fans can guarantee their photo in the room.


– Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 6pm
– Saturday, Sunday and holidays: from 10am to 4pm
– Monday: closed for maintenance

– Members R$ 25
– Non-members: R$50

*Tickets for the Museum will soon go on sale online

Photos: Marina Garcia/FFC
Text: Communication/FFC

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