The NFL Coaching Carousel: What to Expect in the Offseason


Is there really a bye week that exists in the NFL?

This week, what should we expect?

Preparation week for the 2023-2024 NFL playoffs.

That’s what we got. Absolutely…

But we also saw the best coach in college football history retire.

The best coach in the NFL has lost his job.

One of the best NFL coaches of the last 10 years also lost his job.

One of the best young coaches in the NFL also lost his job…

All this in 72 hours!


The coaching carousel will be really interesting for the next few months as Bill Belichick, Carroll, Vrabel and Harbaugh could force some teams already with capable coaches to let them go to make way for these football coaching stars.

So there is already 25% of the NFL looking for new coaches, I would add maybe another 20% who might be tempted to move if the chemistry and opportunity are right.

In the surprise of the weekend, the Packers deliver an exceptional performance in Dallas, against the best defense in the league, against the best home team in the NFL this year, a performance that highlights the quality of the organization of Green Bay and the disaster of that of the Cowboys.

They had no right to lose this match. They were favorites by 7.5 points before the meeting. Dak Prescott was tipped to be the league’s Most Valuable Player, CeeDee Lamb had just broken all team records, Dan Quinn is the hottest defensive coordinator to get a chance at head coaching again, and the Packers arrived with a rookie quarterback, the youngest team on the circuit, a year after saying goodbye to perhaps the most talented quarterback in the NFL, without ownership, without glamor, without flash, and led 27-0 after 28 minutes of play .

The Cowboys could consider changes.

What are they going to do with Dak? With Mike? Are they comfortable continuing the relationship? Can the pressure of the Dallas market tolerate this failure without major consequences?

In my opinion, I think the Jerry Jones experiment cannot continue. He has to delegate responsibilities surrounding the team to others, and I can’t imagine him and Bill Belichick getting along and handing over power to either one right now.

I think Jerry needs to look in the mirror, admit it’s not working, pass the responsibilities on to others and get out of football operations.

If Jerry stays on the job, I don’t see Bill ever going to Dallas.

If Jerry leaves office, I strongly believe Bill could come to Dallas.

It’s going to take a lot of humility on Jerry’s part,

That’s why I don’t think it’s going to happen.

To be continued !

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