Violent Altercation Between New Orleans Pelicans and Miami Heat Players Overshadows Game at Smoothie King Center

The players of The New Orleans Pelicans and Miami Heat starred on the Smoothie King Center court in New Orleans in one of the negative images it’s from the season. After a rather unnecessary foul by Kevin Love on Zion Williamson, a fight took over the court with star players such as Jimmy Butler, star of the Florida team, among the main causes. Four expelled was the balance of a completely unpleasant action.

Action that led to everything. LAPRESSE

Zion was about to score when Love stopped him with a grab and push. Seeing this action, Marshall, one of Williamson’s teammates on the Pelicans, begins to rebuke to the Miami players and the grabbing and pushing breaks out. When they seem more or less calm, the fight returns on the benches because José Alvarado, one of the league’s great agitators, also starts the war on his behalf.

Butler and Thomas Bryant for the Heat, and Marshall and Alvarado for the Pelicans end up expelled. The game, which there was, was won by Miami (95-106) with 24 points and 7 rebounds from Bam Adebayo as the most outstanding performance of a battle… in which basketball was in the background.

2024-02-24 08:16:22
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