The Controversy of Kanye West’s Mask-Wearing: A Deep Dive into His Love for Masks and Creativity

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Kanye West, also known as Ye, caused controversy with his anti-Semitic comments and praise of Hitler, and his contracts with fashion brands were terminated one after another. Kanye’s love for masks has taken a new turn, as he has been isolated from fashion world heavyweight Anna Wintour, who highly admires his talent as a designer!

Cheering on my son’s basketball game wearing a killer mask

It’s fine that Kanye rushed to the elementary school gymnasium to cheer on his son Saint’s basketball game in early February, but the issue is fashion. He was wearing an ice hockey goalie mask reminiscent of Jason, the killer from Friday the 13th. He is dressed entirely in black with dark-washed black denim and a leather jacket, and he even wears black gloves, giving him a very menacing look! The kids who gathered in the gymnasium to enjoy sports must have been pretty scared.

Kanye wore a Jason mask when he made a surprise appearance at his friend Travis Scott’s concert in Florida a few days ago, and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian brought along their eldest daughter North and niece Penelope Disick. They also wore similar looks when they dined at NOBU in Malibu.

Last December, Kanye posted an apology in Hebrew on Instagram for his anti-Semitic comments. However, before her tongue was dry, at a listening party for her new album “VULTURES” held in Miami, her eldest daughter North and eldest son Saint were in the audience, but she was accused of anti-Semitic behavior on stage. repeated the statement. Moreover, this time she was wearing a black hoodie reminiscent of the KKK, which was too bad. Some psychologists have questioned Kanye’s behavior as making him unfit to be a parent, and Kim may want to reconsider joint custody.

Do masks make Kanye more creative?

Kanye has always loved masks. She first wore a Valencia-designed mask at a concert in 2012, and Maison Martin Margiela provided costumes for her 2013-2014 Yeezus tour, including the brand’s signature items. It also included a mask. The black silk with bright embroidery and crystals scattered all over the mask must have stimulated Kanye’s artistic mind.

During a concert during the 2014 London Film Festival, Kanye shared his thoughts on wearing masks. It said, “Don’t embarrass yourself by trying to chase your dreams. Protect your face. Protect your face. That’s why I’m wearing this mask. Fuck my face. Fuck my face. “No matter what Kanye means, no matter what the name Kanye means, it’s about my dream! It’s about anyone’s dream. It’s about creating. It doesn’t have to do with being a celebrity.” In other words, it seems that he loves wearing masks to enhance his creativity.

Since then, Kanye has become a fan of masks not only at concerts but also in his private life, and has been spotted by paparazzi wearing ski masks, balaclavas, and various other types of masks. Maybe he didn’t have her mask handy, so he sometimes wrapped her T-shirt around his face. Kanye’s love for masks, which is somewhat bizarre, has caused controversy among his fans, including “Isn’t it a kind of performance art?”, “He hides his face with a mask to prevent the paparazzi from making money,” and “Keeping his anonymity.” Various speculations are flying around on social media, such as, “It’s probably because of this,” and “It’s probably because of his own image control.” There is an opinion that she may have forgotten to take her manic-depressive medication, but it is strange that no one suggests that she may have dysmorphophobia (body dysmorphic disorder).

Kanye attended the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on February 11th with his wife Bianca Sensori. This day marks the 14th anniversary of Alexander McQueen’s death, and Kanye wore a mask from McQueen’s 1996 Dante collection. Underneath the patchwork mask of Jesus Christ crucified between his eyes, he is wearing another mask, and he uses a double mask! It may not be to boost his creativity, but to avoid diss from Taylor Swift fans who came out to support his girlfriend, Travis Kelsey.


A photo of Kanye wearing a mask.

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