Jiu Jitsu Grandmaster: The Journey of Ignac Hizman to 10th Dan

Jiu Jitsu Grandmaster: The Journey of Ignac Hizman to 10th Dan

When he was 15, he stood on the mat for the first time to compete with a competitor. Back then he was still in a judo outfit. “I was a fighter since I was a child and I was amazed by the motor skills and technical movements,” Ignac Hizman recalled in an interview with NÖN. Almost 60 years later he is the proud holder of 10th Dan, the highest possible master level in Jiu Jitsu.

“It is a great honor for me. “There are only two masters in Germany with such a high distinction, nowhere else in Europe,” says Hizman, knowing how much work is necessary to achieve this goal.

As a national coach for a long time

Hizman, who came to Austria from Croatia in 1972, was the Austrian national coach for 15 years. Among other things, he was co-founder of the now popular Fighting System. Together with his wife Spomenka, he founded the JJ Jawara Moosbrunn association, which the couple still runs today. Next year the 110-member club will celebrate its 50th anniversary. “Acquiring knowledge” was a crucial factor for Hizman to embark on such a successful path. “I was also always interested in how far I could go with one athlete.” In addition to the hundreds of state and national champions, Hizman had also trained world and European champions, including in the duo system. When asked how many fighters he has trained over the course of his career, the 74-year-old had to laugh heartily because he had never counted them. “There must have been thousands of them,” said his wife next to him.

The large number of former protégés who personally congratulated him on reaching 10th Dan shows how much he is still close to their hearts today. “There were seven world champions among them,” said Hizman. The grandmaster would like to pass on his knowledge for years to come, ideally actively with the Jawara fighters in the sports hall. “I hope it works out because Jiu Jitsu is my life.”

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