The Baroque Pirates: Giant Fans Get Creative at Carnival Basketball Game

Carnival in the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga. It wasn’t just in the Rhineland that things got colorful and wild. At the derby between the Hakro Merlins Crailsheim and the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, the visiting fans had come up with something very special…

At home bankruptcy, Merlin’s ice-cold buzzer beater in the VIDEO

Those: DYN MEDIA 11.02.2024

Both cities are only around 80 kilometers apart. A good 100 fans of the giants made the journey to the Arena Hohenlohe on Saturday. There was also explosiveness in terms of sport: in the first leg four weeks ago, the Merlins, who were threatened with relegation, received a heavy 59:106 defeat.

This time the Crailsheim team fought back, but lost 89:100 after a great fight. “Despite the defeat, I am very proud of my team,” said coach Jussi Laakso (47). “The boys fought for 40 minutes today and showed a much better performance than in the first leg.”

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Nevertheless, in the end only the people of Ludwigsburg celebrated. At the center of the animal party: the Baroque Pirates fan club! Because they were dressed up as cows!

That’s why the giant fans came to Crailsheim as cows

Background: Livestock auctions regularly take place in the arena in Ilshofen! It is being converted for basketball games. Cattle out – baskets in. Next Saturday there will be an alpaca show there. The next breeding cattle auction will follow on February 21st. On offer: Simmental cattle and Holsteiner.

The Merlins’ home record, on the other hand, is pretty crap. They only won three out of ten games. The next chance won’t be until March 9th. Then front-runner Chemnitz will be a guest. Just be brave…

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