Debating Steffi Graf’s Appearance: Agassi’s Romantic Photo Causes Controversy

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    Andre Agassi posted a photo with his wife Steffi Graf with a heart. A discussion promptly arises around the sight of the German tennis icon.

    Las Vegas – How is Steffi Graf (54) doing? When she is not occasionally publicly on the court (see video above and photo below), updates on the German tennis icon often come from her husband Andre Agassi (53), also a former superstar. At the turn of the year he posted a soooo romantic photo of the two of them that made fans’ hearts melt. And in Eurosportinterview, he also recently commented on their shared private life.

    Agassi on private life with Graf: “Steffi doesn’t need an alarm clock – she is the alarm clock”

    A lot happens in the early hours of the morning for both of them – thanks to Steffi Graf. “Steffi doesn’t need an alarm clock – she’s the alarm clock,” he laughs. “This is ‘German engineering’, German thoroughness – it is always on time. She gets up between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. every day, and I get up just a few minutes later. I start the day a little more leisurely, but she is in great shape early in the morning. We enjoy spending time together in the mornings.”

    “Steffi looks completely different”: User starts discussion

    What a great figure the two of them cut side by side can now be admired in another Instagram photo that Agassi posted with a heart emoji. Actually, the fans could simply be happy about their luck – there aren’t that many megastar sports couples – but things work out differently. Because a user promptly sparked a debate with her comment. “Steffi looks completely different, hopefully she hasn’t fallen for the beauty craze,” she writes. This brings back memories of Frauke Ludowig, who recently faced quite a bit of headwind.

    Clear headwind: “Don’t start making denses. Steffi has always been a natural beauty”

    The comment received dozens of likes, but also tons of backlash. “This is the stupidest thing I’ve read today,” they say. Others cannot understand the speculation. “Looks like she always has for the last 35 years,” “Yes, she’s gotten older like us,” or “Slightly older, completely natural,” they say. “Or also: “She just has a bit of make-up on, like the others or you too. So don’t start writing poetry. Steffi has always been a natural beauty.”

    This photo is also brand new: Steffi Graf was on the court on February 4th at the “Pickleball Slam 2” in Florida, also with her husband Andre Agassi. © IMAGO/mpi04

    The lady who started the discussion in question insists and at the same time backtracks: “The facial features appear tighter to me… the proportions have changed slightly… it’s just a consideration, nothing more… before another shitstorm starts.” In the end it was probably just lighting and make-up that created a slightly different impression. After all, many people emphasized in the New Year’s photo that Steffi Graf had hardly changed. “Incomprehensible! How great you look. Better than ever,” writes ARD morning magazine presenter Anna Planken, who also has her say in the comments. Former athlete Felix Neureuther also gives unusual insights – into his home. (lin)

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