SPANISH FOOTBALL FEDERATION | Carlos Herrera confirms that he wants to be president of the RFEF: “Indeed”

He verbalized it a few months ago, but no one took him too seriously. Carlos HerreraHowever, he returns to the fray after announcing the start of the electoral process in the RFEF. The Andalusian journalist announced this morning that he maintains his aspiration to become the new president of the Federation, the position he held intact. Luis Rubiales until his forced resignation for his non-consensual kiss to Jenni Hermoso in the final of the Women’s World Cup.

In his program, ‘Herrera en Cope’, the famous communicator explained that “effectively”, his “intention” is to formalize his candidacy to take charge of Spanish football for the next four years. “Now we have to look at the specifications, if it says that those who are 1.87 meters tall and are from Almería cannot, then I can’t,” he added with his characteristic sense of humor, confirming his intentions.

A “good project”

“I have a good project for Spanish football, with a lot of enthusiasm and people who accompany me in the project who are very solid. Then we’ll see,” Herrera explained without going into further details. He has announced that he is “formalizing” his candidacyalthough this process will still have to take several months

According to the provisional calendar made public by the RFEF this Monday, the members of the general assembly will be elected in elections that will be held on April 26. These are the ones who must subsequently choose a new president for the next four years. The deadline to formalize these candidacies will open on May 6 and it will be May 24 when a new president of the RFEF will be appointed.

All of this is subject to the Higher Sports Council and the Sports Administrative Court Give your approval to the electoral calendar proposed by the RFEF manager.

Pedro Rocha, interim president of the RFEF after Luis Rubiales was suspended by FIFA. EFE

The other candidates

At the moment, he is the only person who has publicly expressed his intention to preside over the RFEF. The current president of the management committee, Pedro Rochawill also fight, but he measures the time to announce his candidacy when it is most opportune and once he has managed to secure the support he believes is necessary.

The president of the Valencian federation, Salvador Gomar, also intends to present his candidacy, but remains silent. Outside the federative sphere, several names have emerged, such as Mateu Alemany or Eva Parerabut at the moment no one has made a public move.

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