Munuera Montero and the VAR of Las Palmas-Osasuna

The 25,075 spectators, the starting eleven of UD and the coaching staff of the yellow team lived in suspense during the three minutes in which Munuera Montero was debating the possibility that Marvin Park had been subject to a penalty after having collided with the Osasuna goalkeeper, Sergio Herrera as soon as the match began. Finally, between the referee from Jaén and his colleague in the VAR, Pizarro Gómez, they decided that there were no feasible arguments for him to indicate the eleven meters.

The game clock showed 4:57 when Marvin Park went down in the Navarre area. The Balearic extreme had received a chipped pass from Enzo Loiodice and he stood in front of Sergio Herrera in a race at full speed and, unable to gain full control of the ball, he tried to contact it before the rival goalkeeper.

Has Marvin arrived? Yes. Before Sergio Herrera? Also. But given the conversation between Munuera Montero and Pizarro Gómez, the facts that led the main referee to rule out the maximum penalty can be clarified.

The conversation

«Manu, we are going to give you the moment of impact, like the goalkeeper, Sergio Herrera, does not touch the ball at any timeand then we are going to put it in dynamics so that you can see it,” begins Pizarro Gómez from the VOR room.

«For me, I see contact as insufficient, okay? I want to see another one be more powerful, I want to see where it hits him. “If he clearly hits him on the foot or shin,” Munuera answers while he pauses while watching several shots on the VAR.

«I see that the hitting is with the gloves, for me, very light. Try to hit the ball, okay? And he hits more on the ground (…) The gloves continue downwards and for me at no time does he trip the player », he clarifies before seeing the final shot.

«Nothing, for me he is falling. He falls and what the goalkeeper does is hit the ground. The goalie goes out and hits the ground. For me it never hits the player, for me it is not a penalty,” the referee sentences.

There was no excessive complaint from the yellow team after the decision, although García Pimienta did have a reflection that invites doubt at the conclusion of the match. «In 95% of the times when the referees go to the VAR they call a penalty.»

Before the break

There was also an action that the Las Palmas players claimed at the edge of the first half when Moleiro wriggled in the Pamplona area and when taking a cross towards the penalty spot the leather hit the hand of Catena. She wasn’t whistled either and Munuera could understand her: “He has his hand down”. No penalties.

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