Haikou’s “Village BA”: A New Year Tradition Bringing Rural Communities Together

Original title: Haikou’s “Village BA” adds a special flavor of the New Year

China Sports News reporter Feng Lei

A few days ago, the 17th Xiuying Spring Basketball Game in Haikou City in 2024 came to an end in Shuchang Village. The Cangxi Village team defeated the Yeli Village team 70-40 in the final, winning the 6th championship in team history. The Cangxi Village team also became the winner of this event. The team that has won the most championships.

On the day of the final, the audience brought small benches to occupy their seats early. Some brought their children to watch the game, while others sat on the floor. Those fans who came later could only stand and watch the game.

At the beginning of the game, the Cangxi Village team showed strong strength and led by 10 points in the first quarter. Although the Yeli Village team worked hard to improve their scoring efficiency, the Cangxi Village team always maintained the lead. Entering the second half of the fourth quarter, both sides sent young players, which not only demonstrated the team’s heritage and relay, but also added more highlights to the game. In the end, the Cangxi Village team successfully won the championship.

“Being crowned king six times” excited the villagers of Cangxi Village and the participating players. Player Su Yikun said: “Our ability to win 6 championship trophies is inseparable from the strong basketball atmosphere in Cangxi Village. Now, there is a basketball training camp in the village, attracting surrounding teenagers to come and learn basketball. We hope to pass on the basketball spirit of Cangxi Village We will continue to encourage more villagers to participate in sports and keep fit.”

In this competition, the winning team not only received bonuses, but also received special prizes. The championship winner Cangxi Village team obtained a Crater Sheep. Su Yikun joked: “We plan to make stir-fried sheep and invite brothers in the village to taste it.” In addition, each athlete from the runner-up Yeli Village Team received a Songtao Reservoir bighead carp, and each athlete from the third-place winner Binlian Village Team received a bighead carp from Songtao Reservoir. The athletes received a bottle of Luhun peanut oil, and each athlete of the second-place Xiuying Village team received a pack of Shihan red rice. These special prizes not only recognize the hard work of the players, but also encourage them to continue their efforts.

During the Spring Festival, 15 teams conducted a total of 42 exciting contests in seven days, injecting a strong festive atmosphere into the festival. On the field, the players fought hard and showed a very high level of competition. Off the field, the villagers watched the game with great enthusiasm, cheering and shouting constantly. Everyone used basketball as a medium to spend the festival together, adding a different kind of New Year to the Spring Festival. taste.

It is understood that the Xiuying Spring Festival Basketball Game has become a traditional event in Haikou City since its inception in 2005, and is affectionately known as Haikou’s “Village BA”. This event was held during the Spring Festival and attracted a total of 15 villages from Xiuying and Longhua districts to participate. Binlian Village team player Wu Jiajun participated in the Xiuying Spring Basketball Game for the 11th time. He said: “Participating in the Spring Festival Cup competition is an honor and responsibility, and I must go all out. This year we won the third place, which is a bit regretful. I look forward to participating again next year. I will keep playing until I can’t play anymore.”

This grand event with basketball as the link not only enriches the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, enhances their sense of happiness and gain, but also injects new vitality into rural revitalization. The successful holding of Haikou’s “Village BA” demonstrated the important role of sports in promoting rural revitalization, making rural neighbors more warm and harmonious, and making sports during the New Year a new folk custom.

Chen Shuchuan, head of the event organizing committee, said: “This competition has received strong support from all walks of life. The event fully demonstrates the spirit of unity, friendship and progress of the people in Xiuying and Longhua areas.” The continued holding of “Village BA” has enhanced The exchanges and interactions between villages have injected new vitality into rural revitalization and cultural prosperity.

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