FC Barcelona’s Basketball Calendar Accelerates Rapidly: 50th Game Approaching

The basketball calendar accelerates at an unstoppable pace. With the first days of February already discounted on the calendar, the FC Barcelona will reach this Friday, before Alba Berlin, are 50th game of the season adding ACB, Euroleague, Supercopa and Catalan League.

The duel against the German team will be penultimate challenge for Roger Grimau and his players before the Copa del Rey dispute. Curiously, The last one will be against Manresa, a rival also in the quarterfinal round of the cup tournament, a duel that will be played next Friday, February 16 at 6:00 p.m. (CET).

The goal of the azulgranas is to arrive with the better sensations to Malaga, both in the Euroleague, where they have everything in their favor to consolidate themselves in the second position in the table, and in ACB, where they need to recover from last day’s setback against Valencia Basket. A test, before the set of Pedro Martínez, which will serve to see where both teams are, with the precedent of the victory in Manresa in the first round by 82-83.

The physical setbacks at Barça after the first half of the season

So far this campaign, Barça has not had all the peace possible when it comes to injuries. By the end of october, Michael Caicedo suffered a fracture in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot that required surgery, and that has kept him in dry dock all this time. Besides, Alex Abrines played his last match to date on December 17, and an inopportune pubalgia It has kept him out of the game for a month and a half. For his part, Grimau has been dosing both Nico Laprovittola such as Jan Vesely, suffering from muscle discomfort and low back pain, respectively. But luckily, the situation is about to change.

Abrines and Caicedo sign up for the Cup

And, in the last training session, The Barça coach has already been able to count on the entire squad. Caicedo has already trained with the rest of his teammates, and we saw Abrines playing one on one against Oriol Paulí, in some images shared by the club through its social networks. The team will hold the last session this Thursday prior to the duel against Alba Berlin, and at that time, will decide if it already has the two Mallorcan exteriorsalthough he reserves them for the weekend in Manresa, or directly for the Copa del Rey.

Will Ricky Rubio be in the Cup?

Except for setbacks, The entire squad will be available for the cup tournament. A separate case is that of Ricky Rubio. In the last few hours, Barça made official his incorporation until the end of the season, and that it would be the player himself who would set the times on his return to the courts. As SPORT has been able to confirm, the club makes it clear that the ‘speed’ in announcing his signing responds to the Euroleague deadline to register players, set for this Wednesday, February 7. Ricky is training well, at the same pace as his teammates, and Grimau is delighted to have him at his disposal. Barça continues to listen at all times to Ricky Rubio and how his recovery is progressing, and although they do not consider it impossible, they are aware that it is quite unlikely that he will play in the next Copa del Rey.

Grimau must make calls

So, everything indicates that Roger Grimau will have 14 troops of the first team for the cup event, something that will force two players to be left out of the call, a number that will increase to three at the moment when Ricky Rubio confirms his return to the slopes.

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