Exploring the World of Legal Betting in Italy: A TalkBet Podcast Episode

by Arianna Venegoni21. February 2024

In this episode of TalkBet – The Betting Sites podcast we will delve into all the sports, competitions and non-sporting events on which it is permitted to legally bet in Italy.

TalkBet – Episode 8

Listen to the podcast created by on the sports and events present in the schedules of the main bookmakers.

There’s more than football! If it is now clearly known that all the major national, international and world football tournaments are quoted by bookies, as well as the major competitions involving equally popular sports such as tennis, basketball, cycling, volleyball and motors, the surprise could come with niche disciplines.

From field hockey, through sailing, golf, darts and billiards, to cricket and badminton, in this episode of this podcast, you will discover the vastness of the schedules proposed by ADM operators. And for those who want to pause sports betting, we will explain what special bets consist of, i.e. all those bets that concern TV programmes, social events, political elections and award ceremonies. We will conclude with an in-depth analysis of the particular case of combat sports.

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2024-02-21 15:59:26
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