Diana Flores: A Rising Star in International Flag Football

Diana Flores in an international tournament at a young age / Photo: Courtesy of coach Rebeca Corchado

During the activities prior to Super Bowl LVIII on Opening Night, the champion quarterback with the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomespraised Diana Flores, quarterback of the Mexican flag football team and ambassador of the NFL in our country. But what are the reasons for this wink? Definitely, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2024 Super Bowl is not at all wrong when among his sentences he said: “You are a great player. I have seen you play; “You make great plays.”

Discipline, perseverance and strategy, the seal of Diana Flores

In interview with Yahoo in Spanish, his former coach, Julio Ocaña -fundamental pillar of Mexican flag football- indicated that He always jokingly said “I created a monster.” and firmly believes that “it was no longer a joke” why “The greatness of Diana Flores and everything she has done, the success she has achieved as a player and as a Mexican, has already surpassed what she imagined. get. As a coach of so many since their childhood and with so many excellent championships, I am more than proud and satisfied. “Continuing to observe that she has surpassed her dreams and is becoming an example for Mexican girls… so I believe more in the magic of flag football for the world and I will continue on this beautiful mission.”

The already legendary coach of the White Eagles, American team from the IPN (National Polytechnic Institute), and one of the most important in the country, details that The skills and greatness of the Mexican QB lies in the fact that her game “is versatile, he dominates other positions and as a QB he has the ability to run, feint, move, read, solve, createShe is a very complete QB, with a lot of speed and tenacity, he has a great arm and passing technique.” So “surely Mahomes appreciates those skills” in his game, Ocaña detailed.

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“Since she was a child she always had a great ambition to improve herself… There was never fear or saying I can’t, she was always very disciplined and constant., very attentive to strategies, advice, instructions, training, she stood out especially in each game and tournaments, she never neglected the academic subject either. She opened many doors and opportunities with her potential and she achieved her dream as BEST QB and now ambassador of Mexico,” she added.

Remember, since her beginnings in the women’s polytechnic team -at 8 years old-, Diana Flores “was the first player to arrive at training and she also stayed at the end of training with other players to perfect or correct errors in her position.”

For its part, Rebeca Corchado, coach and also wife of Julio Ocaña, indicates that Flores’ ability is such that “some absurd people even commented that she played with tricks in the flags (ribbons that go to the waist) because no one could take them off to kill the play… His skill left everyone speechless.but in each tournament he improved and obviously gained more experience.”

Diana Flores26 years old, is originally from the Mexico City. He started playing for Águilas Blancas at a young age when the teams were of different generations. To the 14 years was called by the high school of North Penn en Pennsylvania, EEUU, to be the leader of the team and became NFL regional champion; He returned to his Águilas Blancas home to continue establishing himself at the national and international level. At the age of 18 he achieved third place with the national Flag Football team in a world championship, and then crowned champion with the Mexican team at the World Games in 2022.

During Super Bowl LVII he starred in the commercial for Flag Football’s global campaign. Run With It to highlight the importance of women in sports and by May 2023, she became the first flag football player to contribute her game apparel to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Águilas Blancas, hotbed of seasoned Mexican players

Águilas Blancas in 1984 / Photo: Rebeca Corchado’s Facebook

It is important to highlight that the work of Julio Ocaña has been accompanied by Rebeca Corchado. Both They founded Águilas Blancas for women in the 1980s, “with the endorsement of Dr. Jacinto Licea, head coach of Águilas Blancas of the IPN,” the coach clarified.

Corchado, who also played flag football for more than 10 years, points out that Despite the stereotypes and rejection that existed towards the sport 40 years ago, it was possible to demonstrate that the women’s team could with not only national but international pressure. “Many doors were closed to us, this sport was criticized a lot, we lacked much support, We even train on the street and in cement or dirt spaces.until they accepted us due to the results continuously obtained, both national and international… Thus came the acceptance of the authorities and some sponsors, on occasions, to achieve participation in all the competitions.”

Águilas Blancas has achieved “11 championships in New Orleans, played in the Super Dome for six consecutive years and other national and international championships in Europe, the USA, Canada, France, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.”

For Rebeca and Julio, the most important thing as players and coaches “has always been support boys and girls, who live great experiences in other countries. It is very important to do and train good players and people”, they highlight.

In their history as coaches they have had under their charge “hundreds of players” -at first a couple, now more than 80 boys and girls- in different generations. In the words of Julio Ocaña there was a litter (Xóchitl Huerta, Angélica Hernández, Elizabeth Rivero, Mercedes Ramírez, Rebeca Ocaña herself, Gabriela Téllez, Rain HeronRosalinda Rivera, Rosalinda Rivera, Quetzally Torres, Claudia Girón, Patricia Gallo, Dulce Hernandezamong other great players) that defined and marked the path of Águilas Blancas women at the world and university level: brilliant players from 1982 to 2005, they are the ones who They opened the doors so that figures like Diana Flores are not afraid to shine before an already historic Mahomes not even before the world.

Fernanda Rasgadocurrent player on the flag football team of the IPN national team, indicates that without a doubt Diana Flores inspires her daily. “It is incredible the exposure he gave to this sport, to the empowerment of women and realize that everything is possible in this life. She has already made history in flag football not only in Mexico, but in the world… She always remembers her origins and raises the name of Mexico, that inspires me,” she commented in an interview with Yahoo en Español. And she added that Flores motivates her to set goals, “not to dream half-heartedly but to dream big”.

Likewise, she points out that for her being a woman does not represent any obstacle. “Mexicans have a lot of talent and remember that the Mexican National Team has already won gold in the World Games” in 2022, so nothing is impossible anymore. And because of the above, Fernanda dreams of reaching the Mexican Flag Football Team and being part of the Olympic team after your approval.

Finally, the polytechnic student also recognizes that “Julio and Rebeca are legends for the flag not only in Mexico but in the world.” He concludes that this pair of coaches “instill in you the winning mentalityof go for everything; They take you to your maximum level to know what you are made of”.


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