Deadline Rush: Latest Squad Reinforcements in FEB Basketball

The teams are preparing for the end of the season and rushing the deadline to reinforce their squads. Diosdado Krohnert (Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa), Ricardo Revelles (Autocares Rodríguez Daimiel), Julià Garrote (CB Quart Grues Cruz), Chemari Morales (Climanavas Agrometal Peñarroya) and Valentín Strukov (Jorge Juan Gonzalo Castelló) are protagonists in the notes of the day 19


Conference A: The leader visits Ávila with his recent signing
Schedules and Statistics Group AA Group AB
The leader of Grupo AB, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, has remodeled its squad in recent days. The losses of Sergio Moreta and César Yañez have been made up for with the arrival from Zamora of Diosdado Krohnert. The versatile player from 2005 trained at the Torrejón Academy already made his debut last week (3 points in 13 minutes), but he has to be an important figure for his team’s clash this Sunday (7:00 p.m.) at the Carlos Sastre in Avila. His rival, a Hotel 4Postes Ávila Auténtica, is sailing in the middle of the table in Group AB.

Conference B: A remodeling to fight for permanence
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It is not an easy season for Autocares Rodríguez Daimiel, which is in the midst of a fight to avoid relegation and with rivals on the rise such as Bazu Baloncesto Azudense. This Sunday (12:00 p.m.) they face a classic of the competition such as Italtel Alcobendas. In recent days, Ricardo Revelles has arrived from Hita Plásticas CBA (who is averaging 9.8 points per game) and Wilkenson Isnord from CB Alfindén (10.0 points per game), two reinforcements with the aim of ending a negative streak of 11 consecutive defeats.

Conference C: Julià Garrote and the most difficult challenge
Schedules and Statistics CA Group CB Group
At 41 years old, Juliá Garrote is an institution in the FEB competitions with experience in LEB Leagues and the EBA, being the great reference for the University of Vic in recent seasons. He left professional basketball, but has returned after the call of CB Quart Grues Cruz, bottom of Group CA. In three games he averages almost 20 points per game and this Saturday (6:30 p.m.) he hosts DM Group Mollet, second placed and with a spectacular squad. A difficult challenge for an institution like Garrote.

Conference D: A classic that comes to Peñarroya
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Climanavas Agrometal Peñarroya has achieved one of the great pieces of this winter market. Chemari Morales has left Ciudad de Huelva of LEB Plata to sign for the Córdoba team of Liga EBA, which is in the quiet area of ​​the table with a balance of 9-9. The Sevillian center will be able to make his debut this Sunday (6:00 p.m.) against Real Betis Baloncesto with the aim of beating the green and white puppies and getting closer to the Final Phase positions in a group that is as even as it is unpredictable.

Conference E: CB Jorge Juan Gonzalo Castelló, another bottom player in trouble
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The Castellón team closes Group EB with only one victory in 17 rounds. This Sunday (7:00 p.m.) they receive CB Estudiantes Cartagena, also immersed in the fight for permanence. And their hope is the Almeria center Valentín Strukov, their latest reinforcement. He will play his third game with his new team (he comes from CB Alpicat of Conference C) and will help with his centimeters and his good hand to try to get out of the last place in the table.

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