Basketball Weekend Recap: ICG Força Lleida Victorious, HLA Alicante Dominates, and More

Supported by more than 5,700 spectators, the ICG Força Lleida players staged one of their best matches of the season to beat Movistar Estudiantes in their fiefdom, thus putting their status as sole leader at stake. A night in which HLA Alicante did not fail on their court and in which Amics Castelló won the great duel to stay in Cáceres.


We will have to wait until Sunday to find out if Leyma Coruña takes advantage of the wink from ICG Força Lleida to be able to hunt down the leader of the category. Because Movistar Estudiantes could not win this Friday at the Barris Nord against a rival that was carried away by the magic of a packed Barris Nord.

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FORECASTS: 4/7 in La Quiniela de… Adrià Rodríguez (HLA Alicante)

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With more than 5,700 fans filling the stands of the Barris Nord, Friday night already promised intense emotions. A meeting that took Michael Carrera back to what was his home and in which things became complicated for the leader from the first stages against an ICG Força Lleida that was pure heart on the track to be able to take the first gains of the night (WATCH VIDEO). In this way, Gerard Find’s men began to take advantage of the environmental inertia to take the initiative against a rival less accustomed to trailing on the scoreboard. Despite this, Movistar Estudiantes held on, arriving with real chances of victory until the start of the final quarter in which the game was going to enter its hottest moments. A section in which the ring was closed for the people of Madrid, missing Dee and in which the inertia of the locals was increasing to go straight for victory (WATCH VIDEO). In this way, the leader put his first place alone in danger while awaiting the result of Leyma Coruña (93-79).

A victory as valuable as the one that Amics Castelló was going to win minutes later at home in a key duel in their fight for permanence. Because the people of Castellón had to win or win in the return of Juan Antonio Orenga to Cáceres to face a direct rival. A clash in which they did not take long to respond to the good start of the match by debutant Darko Balaban (WATCH VIDEO). A really solid Joan Faner in the direction and a stellar Viny Okouo under the rings took care of this to lead the way for the visitors to victory. A clash in which they even added a really valuable direct average at this point in the course (81-84).

Who had not failed either, although on this occasion in front of their audience, had been an HLA Alicante that gave Melilla Ciudad del Deporte no option on a great night for Antonio Pérez Cainzos’s team. A duel that began with the young point guard Adrià Rodríguez marking ground with a sensational dunk (WATCH VIDEO) and in which, from that moment on, everything was already rolled out for the Castellón team. All this thanks to his defensive intensity and the good attacking role of Davison who once again shone from the perimeter to completely nullify an opponent who collapsed in the last period. A few minutes in which there was no shortage of opportunities for the young people from Alicante with honorable mention for the debut of Marcos García (WATCH VIDEO) son of the historic Jorge García (90-66).

Already on Saturday afternoon the first victories of the leaders’ pursuers arrived with a double of Burgos triumphs. Firstly, with the umpteenth step forward for the Ureta Tizona Group to win this time on a historic court like the Fuenlabrada Basketball Court. A match in which Mateo Díaz took on the role of leader to lead the Madrid team, but in which the talent of Mario Saint-Supery once again emerged to serve as the spearhead of a team that knew how to reign in hot moments. of the match (79-85). For its part, Longevida San Pablo Burgos once again pleased its fans and did so with a complete match against a Hestia Menorca that could do little to stop its rival. Because neither Hannah’s direction nor Digbeu’s points were enough to stop Lolo Encinas’ team from wanting to win (90-69).

We had to travel to the Pazo to be able to attend the most vibrant meeting of the day. A game that Alimerka Oviedo won with 5″ left after a double basket by Mikel Sanz that pointed to the hero of the night and that found a quick response in the figure of Justin Turner who took the game to extra time at the buzzer to that Samu Rodríguez finished off in extra time (WATCH VIDEO). Before, the outside player had already scored one of the baskets of the season with a 20-meter triple from his own basket (WATCH VIDEO) to close the first half of the match (88-83). A night that was completed with the victory of UEMC Real Valladolid on their court after 30 minutes of dominance over a Grupo Alega Cantabria that played in tow of its rival and that could no longer opt for victory in a final period in which its last momentum was already insufficient (84-79).


Friday, February 16:
– HLA Alicante vs Melilla Ciudad del Deporte (90-66) | MVP: B. Davison -27 val.
– ICG Força Lleida vs Movistar Estudiantes (93-79) | MVP: G. Ferrando – 26 val.
– Cáceres P. Humanidad vs Amics Castelló (81-84) | MVP: V. Okouo – 43 val.

Saturday February 17:
– Ourense Baloncesto vs Alimerka Oviedo (88-83) | MVP: J. Turner – 29 val.
– Fuenlabrada Basketball vs Ureta Tizona Group (79-85) | MVP: M. Diaz – 28 val.
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs Grupo Alega Cantabria (84-79) | MVP: M. Milovanovic – 18 val.
– Longevida San Pablo Burgos vs Hestia Menorca (90-69) | MVP: S. Vene – 24 val.

Sunday February 18:
– Leyma Coruña vs Real Betis Baloncesto (12:30h) | LaLiga+
– Guuk Gipuzkoa vs Rioverde Clavijo (6:00 p.m.) | LaLiga+

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