Adaptive Surfing Champion Sarah Almagro Awarded Andalusian Medal for Sports


The adaptive surfing champion Sarah Almagro has valued this Wednesday being awarded the Andalusian Medal for Sports, awarded by the Andalusian Government Council on the occasion of 28F, Andalusia Day.

“I am super happy and I did not expect it,” she acknowledged in statements to Europa Press, while detailing that she was in Madrid to present a gala, they called her and gave her the news: “The truth is that it is what is happening today is amazing”.

He stated that this award is “in the end a recognition of all the effort behind it and, above all, visibility to people with disabilities and adapted surfing.” “It is a world – she continued – that is trying to give visibility but that goes ‘piano piano’ and little by little; thanks to this type of things things are achieved,” she explained.

Sarah Almagro, a surfer born in Marbella (2000), has been in love with the sport since she was little. She has practiced judo, swimming, athletics, soccer, Nordic skiing, bodyboarding, surfing and crossfit.

In 2018, after a tough school year, he contracted meningitis that caused septicemia. After five months in hospitals and 25 surgical interventions, Sarah left the hospital in a wheelchair, without hands and feet and pending a kidney transplant, the Andalusian Government has recalled.

During the entire period of his recovery, he dedicated himself to improving his physical condition based on a healthy diet and adapted CrossFit exercises and, in addition, he began studying Law. After the prosthetics were implanted, he returned to surfing. His initial idea was just to surf for enjoyment, but over time he realized that he wanted to compete and participate in the Paralympics.

In 2021 he competed for the first time in the European Championship on Pantín beach and returned home with silver. She competed in the men’s category because there were not enough women in the championship.

The Spanish Parasurfing Team invited her to be part of the team to compete in the ISA World Championship, the world championship that took place in Pismo Beach, California in December 2021, where she won silver, being won by an Australian.

In the 2022 World Cup, also in Pismo Beach, California, she won bronze despite competing ill. Already in 2023 she set out to win the National Championship, European Championship and World Championship. She competed in eight championships and came home with eight golds and even in some of them getting the best wave of the entire championship.

She is a three-time Spanish champion, European champion and world champion in the Prone 2 category, in addition to silver and bronze in the 2021 and 2022 World Championships, respectively. She combines being an elite athlete with studying law, she gives talks and conferences, in addition to working on social networks.

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