Agesci Scout Group to Manage and Redevelop Sports Space in Via Ximenes, Pisa

The sports space in via Ximenes entrusted to the Agesci Scout Group of the parish. Scarpa: “Making sports accessible to all”

PISA — Il basketball court which is located in the green area between the “Gamerra” school institute and the “Albero Verde” nursery school in via Ximenes in Putignano it will have new life.

This was decided by the council of mayor Michele Conti, who in the last session approved the agreement with the Agesci Pisa Scout Group 1which will deal with the management of sports spaces and redevelopment.

“Another of the interventions that the municipal administration is carrying out redevelop and make green spaces and public areas usable which can be used as small neighborhood sports fields – explained the Sports councilor Frida Scarpa – to enhance the campino we have found an agreement with the Agesci Scout Group which is based in the nearby parish, with the approval of the school management of theGamerra institute“.

“The association will redevelop the field with new scoreboards, restoration of the baskets, of the mantle and the stripes on the groundin addition to arrangement of the fence on the side of the nursery and the entrance gate – he concluded – we are very satisfied to return a space open to the entire community of the Putignano neighbourhood, as we have already done in Cisanello at the Gereschi school, and we will continue in other neighbourhoods, because valorizing open spaces means make sports accessible to all“.

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