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In Culelandia The idea has apparently caught on that Barça won the last League with a 14-point advantage over Real Madrid, which finished second, and that is not true. After playing the 38 regular matches, Barça added 88 points while Real Madrid only reached 78, that is, 10 points less. Barça won the League with a 10-point advantage over Real Madrid, which are an awful lot of points but in no case are they the 14 that one day Jordi began to repeat, another Lluis, the next Pep and today, finally, Xavi Hernández. Because, as we said yesterday, in Culelandia the truth is not so important but what is said insistently. Today in a press conference even more ridiculous than the one on Saturday, Xavi Hernández, who still has to give us many days of glory between now and the end of June, has said that they don’t buy anything from him, “not even winning the League 14 points behind Madrid.” No, Xavi, no, you’ve got 14 wrong. 14 are the European Cups that Real Madrid has and not the points with which you won the last League. You won that League with 10 points ahead of Real Madrid, which, I insist, is an awful lot of points, but they are not the 14 that you sing like that toy parrot that repeats what you say: “Hello, I’m your parrot “, and the parrot repeats “Hello, I am your parrot.” “Hello, it’s 14 points.” Well no, there were 10. Many, yes, of course, but not 14.

But the important thing about today’s press conference was not the 14 points that Barça did not take ahead of Real Madrid but what he said and the tone used. He says that, after his delayed resignation, what he hopes for is unity: Unity? Oh really? Last night, at El Chiringuito, we remembered Guardiola’s goodbye press conference and he said that he had made the decision a long time ago, that he had communicated it to the president but that he could not tell the players because the coach is a crucial figure. If, even though he had decided, Guardiola did not say that he was leaving so as not to distract the locker room, it cannot be that Xavi now says it with the same objective. Guardiola acted like a veteran coach and Xavi acted like an apprentice coach 72 hours ago. He tells Xavi that he is leaving because his work has not been valued. Who hasn’t appreciated it? Laporta told him on Saturday that he was his coach and that even if he didn’t win anything he would continue to be his coach.; The fans are with him and so are the players. So who doesn’t value? The press? Is Xavi leaving because of what they say or don’t say in Sport? But sports journalism in Barcelona acts, in general terms, as a bath mat for Barça! I, who am not exactly the biggest admirer of However, he cried out for excellence, the method, the system, the DNA

Xavi has also said that he announced his goodbye because Barça needs a reaction. Let’s see if I understand, are the players going to react because they know that Xavi is not going to continue? That would make the locker room really bad, right? Let’s imagine that the flute sounded for Barça and they ended up winning, for example, the Champions League: Would the players have reacted because they knew that Xavi was not going to coach them next year? Do I interpret that it would be good news for them and that’s why they went out yesterday to celebrate? Lyrics by Lewandowski, music by Shakira. Let’s see, Xavi, they ask you about that scene in which you starred telling the television camera that it was a shame and you come out with the fact that they make you feel every day that you are worthless and then you add that at Barça you have a problem of demands: But! If you have been the one who has not stopped talking about excellence here, excellence there, excellence there! What do we end up with, is it worth winning a League 1-0 and suffering or is it not worth it and we have to be excellent? In any case, you said in front of the camera that it was a shame because, in the game against Villarreal, they did not give you a penalty that was not a penalty. Did you want to be whistled for even if you weren’t one? Maybe because that’s what you were used to as a player? Is it embarrassing if the referee gets it right?

However, the best thing was when they asked him about the story: “Do you think the club’s story was the right one? It arrived without Messi, what you wanted was not signed… The titles were put in front of the process.” . Answer: “Possibly.” How possibly? But you, dear Xavier Hernández, are one of the apostles of the story. Summary of Xavi: “My dream was to coach Barça, win and play football well. And it has been achieved”. Where, Xavier? Where has it been obtained? And who has done it? You’re not saying that your Barça has played football well, are you? Look, dear, if they have killed you by turning you into meme fodder, it is because you have not been able to make more excuses than you have. One day it was the sun, another the rain, another the grass, another the automatic irrigation, another the schedule, another the rival’s way of playing… If you even suggested that they were not going to let Barça win, you, Xavier, you. You, who played on the team while your president paid the number two referee, talking about adulteration. The joke tells itself. Barça has been as great for you as the direction of the New York Times would have been for me. You stumbled upon a League won by playing badly and you have lived off of that. This has surpassed you, Xavier, admit it, nothing happens. Don’t make any more excuses.

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