Inside the Life of Tennis Legend Andre Agassi: A Rare Insight into Family, Love, and Values

Tennis legend Andre Agassi (53) gives a rare insight into his life.

Steffi Graf’s (54) husband’s heart hangs on ten cream-colored, small cube beads with letters, strung on a leather cord. This necklace, which his son Jaden (22) made for him 18 years ago when he was in kindergarten, is Agassi’s most valuable treasure.

Proud dad: Andre Agassi in 2011 with his beloved son Jaden Gil

Foto: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

The book author (his fortune is estimated at 140 million euros) revealed this in a rare interview with the American “Wall Street Journal”: “I have a necklace that my son made for me. It is a pearl necklace with letters. When he was four, he asked me to help him. He said: I want to do that, I want to write: ‘Daddy Rocks.'” Dad rocks – what a declaration of love from a kindergarten child!

Jaden Agassi and girlfriend Catherine Holt posted themselves so in love on Instagram in September 2023

Photo: jadenagassi/Instagram

Agassi then helped his little one find the ten letter beads and arrange them in the correct order. The tennis legend (was number 1 in the world rankings for 101 weeks) touchingly admits: “I never took off the chain. But it broke down and is being repaired.”

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Agassi has been married to Steffi Graf (54, was number 1 in the tennis world rankings for 377 weeks) since October 2001, with whom he fell in love in 1999. Their marital happiness, which remained scandal-free over the years, was crowned with two children. In addition to Jaden, they also have daughter Jaz Elle (20).

Agassi and Graf, who live in Las Vegas, hardly ever talk publicly about their private lives. She kept her kids out of the public eye from the start. Only what Jaden (19,100 followers on Instagram) and Jaz (18,000 followers on Instagram) themselves share on social media becomes known.

Rare family photo: Andre Agassi with his wife Steffi Graf and their children Jaz and Jaden

Photo: jadenagassi / Instagram

Agassi revealed the secret to a happy marriage to the Wall Street Journal: “The first thing is to know yourself. You can’t enter into a relationship where you need the other person to feel complete. Otherwise you’ll fight multiple battles.”

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