2024 NFL Draft Order: First Round Pick Decided, Playoffs on the Line in Week 18

After 17 weeks of NFL action, there’s a lot to still play for in Week 18.

Several spots in the playoffs are up for grabs for the teams still in the hunt. However, for the other organizations already eliminated from postseason contention, Week 18 will mostly decide where they will pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

With one week left in the regular season, only one first-round pick is locked in: the Chicago Bears hold the first overall pick via the Carolina Panthers. It’s the second year in a row Chicago holds the first pick after trading the 2022 pick to the Panthers.

Here’s how the NFL Draft order currently stands, using teams’ records and strength-of-schedule tiebreakers as our guide.

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NFL Draft order 2024

(as of Jan. 4; * denotes playoff team ahead of Week 18)

Chicago Bears (via Carolina Panthers): Panthers record: 2-14 (strength of schedule: .520)Washington Commanders: Record: 4-12 (.504)New England Patriots: Record: 4-12 (.527)Arizona Cardinals: Record: 4-12 (.566)New York Giants: Record: 5-11 (.500)Los Angeles Chargers: Record: 5-11 (.520)Tennessee Titans: Record: 5-11 (.527)New York Jets: Record: 6-10 (.523)Atlanta Falcons: Record: 7-9 (.418)Chicago Bears: Record: 7-9 (.461)Las Vegas Raiders: Record: 7-9 (.488)Minnesota Vikings: Record: 7-9 (.496)New Orleans Saints: Record: 8-8 (.430)Denver Broncos: Record: 8-8 (.488)Seattle Seahawks: Record: 8-8 (.531)Cincinnati Bengals: Record: 8-8 (.574)Arizona Cardinals (via Houston Texans): Texans’ record: 9-7 (.473)Pittsburgh Steelers: Record: 9-7 (.527)*Green Bay Packers: Record: 8-8 (.473)*Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Record: 8-8 (.508)*Indianapolis Colts: Record: 9-7 (.480)*Los Angeles Rams: Record: 9-7 (.520)*Jacksonville Jaguars: Record: 9-7 (.543)*Buffalo Bills: Record: 10-6 (.457)*Kansas City Chiefs: Record: 10-6 (.496)*Miami Dolphins: Record: 11-5 (.434)*Dallas Cowboys: Record: 11-5 (.461)*Detroit Lions: Record: 11-5 (.484)*Philadelphia Eagles: Record: 11-5 (.484)*Houston Texans (via Cleveland Browns): Browns record: 11-5 (.539)*San Francisco 49ers: Record: 12-4 (.504)*Baltimore Ravens: Record: 13-3 (.543)

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Teams without a first-round draft pick in 2024

Carolina Panthers: traded to Bears as part of package to secure No. 1 overall pick in 2023Cleveland Browns: traded to Texans as part of package to receive quarterback Deshaun Watson in 2022
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