WTA Finals Organizational Disaster and Coach Criticism: An Inside Look at the Fallout

The end of the WTA season was somewhat disastrous regarding the organization of the WTA Finals. The tournament organized in Cancun was a real ‘show’ due to issues such as its construction a few days before its celebration or the weather conditions. Tomasz Wiktorowski, Iga Swiatek’s coach, joined the criticism, calling the situation “shameful.”

Every Swiatek and many other tennis players protested against the WTA Finals for its poor organization and lack of respect for the players. The WTA took the blame and hopes not to fail again in 2024. Tomasz Wiktorowski, the Polish coach, also spoke out on this issue and hopes to not have to return to Cancun to play tennis. Furthermore, he not only criticizes what happened with this tournament, but also the general functioning of the WTA. On the other hand, speaking of his pupil, the Pole set a date to start preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

About returning to Cancun

“From a tourism point of view, I see great potential there. And maybe one day I will go to Mexico to learn more about the history of this civilization. However, I hope to never have to fly there again for business or tennis purposes. It was a shame in terms of the decision-making process and the organization of the tournament,” the Polish coach admitted to Rz.

What do you think of the WTA?

“I am very disappointed with the way the WTA has been running recently and I am starting to believe that tennis players should come together to speak with one voice on the issues that matter most to them. 10 years ago I had faith in the WTA and was impressed by how it creates conditions for tennis players to develop, work and even function after the end of their careers. At the moment it seems that the WTA is an organization that is struggling to survive and is managed in a way that is not entirely favorable to its players.”

Are tennis players prepared to launch alternative competitions?

“I am not trying to delve into this topic so as not to overshadow what is most important, that is, the sporting aspect. Of course, Iga, as the leader of the world ranking, must and will speak about important matters for her career and that of her teammates. In the end she does it according to her own criteria.”

Are the Olympic Games a priority like the Grand Slams?

“Yeah. The Games are our priority and we start preparing for them in January or even December. Thinking not only of singles, but also of mixed doubles with Hubert Hurkacz, this being a completely different discipline that we don’t really have the opportunity to try during the year.”

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