Ibon Navarro: “Now everything is wonderful, but we are slaves to the results and if not, go back a couple of months…”

Navarro spoke about what he expects in the match against the Magyar team and the current state of his squad, in advance of this matchday 5 of the first phase of the Basketball Champions League.

Falco Szombathely

“This competition is quite serious and all teams have danger and difficulty. Falco is a team with high 3-point shooting percentages, they are dangerous in attacking rebounds, they play well in the open field, they prepare games well and if we are not fine, we will suffer. They caused us problems there. “They are important warnings of what we may find.”

Ibon Navarro attends to the press Unicajab/Photopress-Mariano Pozo


“All the players want to play. They don’t like not playing and I don’t like leaving them out of the squad.”. They don’t take it well. Playing at home, with this atmosphere we have, it is normal that everyone wants to be there. We know that it has to be done and that it is a common mechanism. Many times the discard has been due to physical problems and it is better managed that way. Later, when the competition gets hotter, it will be more difficult to make the decision of who we are going to do without for each match. With Lima we will also have to rule out two players from now on, when we are all there. “The important thing is that the long season is not made in May for everyone and that the players want to continue playing at that time.”

Party 100

“These things… Coaches are as good or as bad as the result of the last game.. Now everything is wonderful, but we are slaves to the results and if not, go back a couple of months. We have to be prepared for when we have to lose, that day will come when we lose. We play on Wednesday and on Friday we go to Andorra. “There’s not much time to think about anything other than preparing for each game.”

Navarro celebrates 100 games with Unicaja this Wednesday. Unicajab/Photopress-Mariano Pozo

Prepared for a defeat?

“Losing feels bad, but the one who has to best manage that moment, when that day comes, is me.”. Losing is part of sport. And in sport you lose more than you win. The level of the competitions we play is very high and that is why we have to lose. “The more games you win, the closer you are to losing.”

BCL rivals

We said it from the beginning. UCAM, Tenerife, the Turks, Dijon, Joan Plaza’s AEK play with great aggressiveness, plus the Israeli teams that are outside Israel, but playing well… The competition does not stop growing and is very difficult. Those at the top have improved their level and those at the bottom are also better than last season. I don’t see clear favorites. I even think that the play in will be played by teams that can later go very far in the competition.”

Ibon Navarro smiles during the press conference. Unicajab/Photopress-Mariano Pozo

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