VILLALIBRE SPORTING | This is Sporting’s “Villalibre operation”: willing to wait for the forward

Sporting has not moved one iota in its roadmap for the winter market, and will try in the coming weeks to convince forward Asier Villalibre to leave Athletic Bilbao, in an operation advanced exclusively by LA NEW SPAIN. The sports management maintains this powerful striker, 26 years old, as an absolute priority for the January market that opens on the 1st. Contacts between all parties have been taking place for several weeks, and the Bilbao club knows from the rectors Sporting’s strong desire to move Mareo to the “9” on loan. Athletic would not hinder the exit if Villalibre requests it. The decision seems to be exclusive to the forward, who at the moment seems reluctant to leave. “I want to make it clear that I am an Athletic player and that I am staying here,” said the Gernika forward a few days ago.

Sporting’s management knows the difficulty of persuading the forward to leave the club of his life now to compete again in the Second Division. But the red and white bet on him is strong. The club intends to maintain new contact with the footballer in the coming days. The sports area keeps other forwards on the radar in case this first route does not progress, something very likely. Jon Karrikaburu has always been a player liked by managers. But the Real Sociedad forward who is on loan at Alavés, where he has no minutes and is aiming for an exit, has several offers. In any case, he is not the only forward seen from the Sporting football team.

The priority is first to burn all the ships for “the Buffalo.” The red and white club could even delay the arrival of that striker for a few more weeks to wait for the attacker to consider a change of scenery. Most movements in the winter market occur in the last days of January. There is an awful lot of time left, and what is white today is gray tomorrow and the past is black. Villalibre’s contract ends in 2025, and it seems that sooner or later he will leave Athletic. But some voices believe that it will be in June and not now when he opts for a change of scenery. Sporting, in any case, wants it now.

A “9” area

The coaches and football officials believe that “el Búfalo” would fit perfectly with the team’s game model and that he would adapt wonderfully in the city. The one from Gernika is precisely an area “9” who has very different qualities from those the squad now has. A forward with aerial strength who is strong in finishing, with a different profile than Djuka, Otero and Campuzano.

Villalibre had a great second round with Alavés last season and scored the goal from a penalty that took the Vitoria team to First Division. In the summer he was close to returning to Alavés, but Athletic closed the door on him. Txingurri Valverde’s commitment to Gorka Guruzeta and Williams’ versatility has condemned him to a secondary role, but he is scratching for some minutes in the rotation. In the last two meetings before the Christmas holidays, Valverde, it is true, has not given him a single opportunity. Iñaki Williams’ departure to the African Cup could push him to have more options to play.

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