Tolga Geçim Achieves Success After Overcoming Injury and Aims for National Team Re-Election

BURSA (AA) – HANDE DURMUŞ – Tolga Geçim, the 2.06 meter tall experienced forward of TOFAŞ, which competes in the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League and Basketball Champions League, achieved success in both fields with his team after overcoming a difficult injury process and joined the national team. He aims to be re-elected.

The 27-year-old player, who started his professional basketball career at Banvit in 2012, was promoted to the A National Basketball Team, as well as playing in both the THY Europa League (0.7 points in 6 games) and the Basketball Super League with Anadolu Efes in the 2020-2021 season. He won the championship in (3.9 points, 1.6 rebounds, 1.9 assists in 29 games).

Tolga Geçim, who has achieved significant success in the lower age groups of the national teams, won European championships with the under-16 national teams in 2012 and the under-18 national teams in 2014. Tolga Geçim won the silver medal with the national jersey at the FIBA ​​Under-20 European Basketball Championship held in Italy in 2015.

Tolga Geçim, who suffered an unfortunate injury in the European Cup match in February 2022 while playing for Bursaspor İnfo Yatırım, returned to the court in January of the 2022-2023 season at TOFAŞ, to which he was transferred in November 2022. Tolga Geçim, who has increased his performance this season, has achieved averages of 8.25 points, 2.25 rebounds and 3.08 assists in the 12 matches he has played in the Basketball Super League so far.

The experienced player continues to work with his team with the aim of making the play-offs in the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League, the play-in qualifying round in the Basketball Champions League and reaching the last 16, as well as wearing the A National Team jersey again.

Tolga Geçim told the AA reporter that he was transferred to Anadolu Efes from Banvit, where he played for 10 years and was the team captain for a while, and that he reached the European League championship in this team in a 2.5-year period.

Stating that he suffered an unfortunate injury from his patellar tendon in the Promitheas match played in February 2022 while he was at Bursaspor after his career at Anadolu Efes, where he achieved many successes, Tolga Geçim said, “After my injury, I went to Istanbul and had surgery. After that, I came to TOFAŞ. He was away from the fields for about a year. “During my stay, we were constantly on the phone with TOFAŞ Sports Club managers and the medical team. With their help during this process, I recovered from my injury in the best way possible and returned to the field.” he said.

– “I try to improve myself in terms of performance every day”

Tolga Geçim stated that they had a bad start to the season in the Basketball Super League, but emphasized that they have been playing good basketball in the last few weeks.

Tolga Geçim noted that they are a team that scores a lot of points and that they have shown that they can beat all their opponents when they defend well and said, “We want to qualify for the play-offs in the Turkish league. We will also compete for play-in in the Champions League. We want to win that and qualify for the groups.” said.

Stating that he can play in several positions, Tolga Geçim said, “I feel better when I create positions for my teammates on the field. I have never been a high scorer, but I feel better by leading the team well and making assists.” made his assessment.

Emphasizing that they were more successful at TOFAŞ with the support of head coach Orhun Ene and the fans, Tolga Geçim said:

“Brother Orhun’s communication with everyone is very good. He is a coach who is constructive and constantly supportive of all the players. He has a background as a player and is a coach who knows player psychology very well. I think this is the biggest chance of our team. Our fans are our strength outside the field.” We are a team that plays better basketball when they support us. Bursa fans are people who love basketball and come to every game of ours. They never left us alone in this difficult process. From now on, we need them to support us for the play-off and play-in matches. May time be behind us.”

Tolga Geçim reminded that he was previously in the National Team.

Stating that the National Basketball Team will play its first two matches in the FIBA ​​2025 European Championship Qualifiers against Italy and Iceland in February next year, Tolga Geçim said, “None of the NBA players will be able to come to the organization in February. I have just started the league this season. Performance “I am trying to improve myself every day. I aim to get into the squad again and help the team.” he said.

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