The Brazilian Vitória could change its name… to that of an escort website!

12/01/2023 Act. at 23:29 CET

Fatal Model offers 200 million reais for the club to be named after his company

The other proposal is to name the Barradao stadium, for about 100 million

Football never ceases to surprise us. The latest curious story comes to us from Brazil, specifically from the Vitória club. The entity has received a proposal for the club to be called Fatal Model Vitória, referring to an escort website, which is currently a sponsor of the club. The final value of the operation would be close to 200 million reais.

In a democratic way, the president of Vitória, Fábio Mota, announced at a press conference that he was opening a survey so that club members could express their opinion on the possible change of the club’s name. In any case, the result will not be binding, but must be voted on at the Extraordinary General Assembly.

“It’s just a survey. Nobody is here to sell the name of Vitória. When Vitória receives a proposal like this, you have the obligation to make it public, to listen to the people. Each one has their own conviction. We received two proposals: one to sell the name of the stadium for ten years and another for the name of the club. We are simply doing a survey to find out what the fans think about this,” the manager explained.

It is not the first time that Fábio Mota turns to his amateur partners to make a decision. Recently, The president opened a survey to decide whether or not the club would adopt a star after becoming Serie B champion. The “yes” won with 87%.

The two proposals on the Fatal Model website are: 100 million reais to change the name of the stadium Barradão, which would be called Fatal Model Arena Barradão, and 200 million for the name of the clubwhich would be renamed Fatal Model Vitória.

It is worth remembering that the process to change the name of Vitória is more complex and involves debate in the Deliberative Council, as well as voting in the Extraordinary General Assembly (AGE). In the case of the naming right, The discussion is simpler and only involves a decision by the club itself.

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