Tesla Embraces Cybertruck Presentation Mishap with Commemorative Accessories

Tesla recently made the highly anticipated delivery of the first Cybertrucks, unveiling a variety of accessories alongside this exciting launch. Amongst these accessories, Tesla cleverly introduced a commemorative item that embraces a somewhat embarrassing moment from the Cybertruck presentation event, which garnered significant attention.

During the original presentation event, Tesla aimed to showcase the remarkable strength of the Cybertruck by conducting a series of impact resistance demonstrations. Designed with “ultra-hard” steel, the truck’s body was put to the test when designer Franz von Holzhausen took the stage and hit the door with a baseball bat. Although the swing appeared somewhat controlled, it effectively demonstrated the vehicle’s durability.

However, it was the subsequent demonstration that caught everyone’s attention. Von Holzhausen sought to exhibit the strength of Tesla’s “Armored Glass” by throwing a steel ball at the prototype’s window. Unfortunately, the outcome did not go as planned, as the glass ended up shattering. Even a second attempt to demonstrate the rear window’s strength ended similarly.

Although Tesla faced some criticism following the event, the company ultimately embraced the situation with good humor. Recognizing the power of publicity, they capitalized on the incident, even selling commemorative t-shirts of the window mishap.

During the recent delivery event, Tesla decided to recreate the demonstration, hoping to avoid any repetition of embarrassment. This time, instead of using a steel ball, Franz von Holzhausen opted for a baseball. The ball visibly bounced off the stage after a relatively gentle throw, deviating from the intensity of the original demonstration.

Drawing on the memory of the presentation event, Tesla introduced another fun accessory for the Cybertruck: a window decal with a broken window. Priced at $55, the decal is specifically designed for the driver’s side rear window, the same window that suffered the mishap during the demonstration. To ensure driver safety, Tesla decided not to offer a decal for the broken front window.

Alternatively, for those looking to save a few dollars, there’s the option to purchase a 3-inch steel ball on Amazon for $29 and simulate a broken window themselves. The added benefit is that this steel ball is reusable, providing numerous opportunities to break windows and allowing friends to join in on the excitement. Let’s take advantage of the savings and bonding experience!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What demonstrations were conducted at the Cybertruck presentation event?
A: Tesla showcased the impact resistance of the Cybertruck by hitting the door with a baseball bat and attempting to break the windows with a steel ball.

Q: Did the window demonstrations go as planned?
A: No, both attempts to demonstrate the window’s strength resulted in breakage.

Q: How did Tesla respond to the event’s reaction?
A: Tesla embraced the situation with good humor, even selling commemorative t-shirts of the window mishap.

Q: What is the window decal that Tesla is now selling?
A: Tesla offers a window decal with a broken window, specifically designed for the driver’s side rear window of the Cybertruck.

Q: Are there other options to simulate a broken window without purchasing the decal?
A: Yes, it is possible to purchase a reusable 3-inch steel ball on Amazon and create the effect oneself.

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