State Program “Talent Search – Talent Promotion” at Nidda High School – Honoring Waldemar Graßhoff

Details Published: December 6, 2023

The Nidda high school published the following report in a press release:

State program “Talent Search – Talent Promotion” at Nidda High School – Waldemar Graßhoff honored

The school principal Alexandra Heinze and the school sports coordinator Michael Taimann honor Waldemar Graßhoff, “Mr. Judo” by Nidda. After 54 years, the enthusiastic athlete passed on his chairmanship of the judo department at the 1859 Nidda gymnastics club to Julian Jungermann. The young-at-heart 79-year-old will remain as a coach for both the club and the Nidda high school. As a “partner school for competitive sports”, the high school supports the state program “Talent Search – Talent Promotion”. In this context, Waldemar Graßhoff has been leading talent development groups in Nidda for many years and supporting sporty primary school children. Ms. Heinze and Mr. Taimann look forward to continuing their qualified and successful collaboration.

Source text and image: Nidda High School

Bettina Müller
Public Relations Officer

2023-12-06 22:13:06
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