Olainfarm Partners with Latvian Hockey Federation to Support U-20 and Women’s National Teams

The Latvian Hockey Federation (LHF) has agreed on cooperation with the pharmaceutical company “Olainfarm”, which this year will support the start of the Latvian U-20 national team in the elite division of the world championship in Gothenburg, as well as next year the Latvian women’s hockey team and its start in the world championship for women, which will take place in Riga in the spring. reports LHF.

“The career of every world-class athlete begins with children’s and youth sports. It is the work invested in children and youth that is the most important, as it forms the athlete’s skills, character, physical fitness and, ultimately, love for this sport. Children’s and youth teams, although often with less attention from the public and supporters, make boys and girls future hockey champions and prepare them for “big hockey” or life. Thank you “Olainfarm” for starting our cooperation with U-20, but we will also continue with the preparation of the women’s national team and start at the World Championship in the spring. It is possible that the cooperation will be extended also with regard to national teams of other ages,” said LHF General Secretary Roberts Plūjejs.

“The health and education of children and young people is one of our priorities,” explained Juris Bundulis, chairman of the board of Olainfarm. “Whether it is a scholarship program for young teachers, scholarships for students or support for the Latvian Children’s Support Fund, our goal is to provide support to children and young people so that they can achieve their goals in life, live a fulfilling life and be happy in what they do. There is joy in movement. And, as you know, hockey in Latvia is able to create celebrations and joy for the whole country, so we are pleased to start cooperation with the Latvian Hockey Federation directly with the youth and women’s national teams, helping to create countless more hockey festivals in Latvia and the world.”

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